Anwar bin Ibrahim Malaysia 007 - LISTEN to the People!

Anwar bin Ibrahim Malaysia 007 - LISTEN to the People!!!(/English Subtitled)
It is time to change. … JEQGwVwea8

Indeed. It is time…

Wooooooooooooooooooohoooooo…Hidup Anwar Ibrahim.

what a beautiful video…!

i hope to see Anwar keep his promise of doing away with the bumiputeras policy and replace it with a Malaysian policy of helping the poor without looking at skin color and religion.

doing away with the bumiputeras policy will indirectly cause the land , housing and shipping tycoon mafias in Sarawak to suffers massive heart attacks due to drastic drop in land , housing and shipping prices. you and me will get cheaper housing , cheaper land and cheaper goods in the stores too.

i hope to see this dreams becomes a reality soon.

as for the rest of you churchmouses in mcnet who dares not speak up, just do that. keep very quiet.

go anuar go!
i support u!
i support pkr!

Any Supp members/supporters here? Please tell us why you think Bn/Umno the racist and corrupt party is good for Malaysia.

The video is funny but true. We have been cheated by Barisan Nipu/Untuk Menipu Negara O… for quite sometime. Now it’s time for a change. The corruptician need to go. Especially Pek Mo and his 40 thieves. Sarawak is one of the richest state in Malaysia. Yet the development still slow compare to other states. Roads to ulu2 still logging camp road and muddy2 especially at Lapok area. I’ve been to Sabah and the road to the interior is far more better than what we have in our interior. Since Tun Mahathir regime billions and billions allocations have been made to repair or tar-sealed the Lapok road but the road still in bad condition today without tar/bitumen. Where does the biilions of ringgits goes to? Pek Mo’s pocket of course. Contractor for the road construction is his company also. CMS.

Churchmouses? :s . Any clarification on what this word supposed to mean?

I love the part they made a rap out of the frog I I I I…

[quote=“DMsia”]I love the part they made a rap out of the frog I I I I…

+1 :lol:

i like the video! =ppp

jom ubah…

Anyone went to ceramah by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in front of Dr. Teo’s clinic just now?

indeed! time to chnageee malaysiaaa