Anti-HIV Formulation

Anti-HIV Formulation
Ludhiana doc claims breakthrough
Naveen S Garewal/TNS

Chandigarh, January 21
The world that has been looking to finding an effective HIV/AIDS inhibitor could have the ancient Indian medicine come to its rescue. Supported by documents from the National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune, and many other physicians in the region, the Punjab-based ayurvedic pharmaceutical company has claimed to have invented a wonder formulation to boost the bodys immunity to fight HIV and check AIDS.

Presenting patients before the media here, Dr Praveen Jain from Ludhiana, who is behind the invention, showed reports where the CD4 count of patients that had fallen to around 160 had steadily risen to between 250-600 in a short time. Patients, both male and female, said the symptoms of AIDS like fever, tuberculosis, fungal growths were controlled and they had gained anywhere between 15 to 25 kilos of weight within months.

Dr Jain prefers to call the formulation a herbal mineral immunity enhancer that paralyses and removes the HIV virus without any toxicity in the body. She had supported her claim with reports from NARI and Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SIFIR) that certified that the formulation had no steroids. The herbal medicine, SIFIR says, was tested for non-clinical laboratory studies.

Ludhiana-based ayurvedic pharma company Nixon Biotech has applied for FDA and their approvals. The Punjab Government, based on the claims, has constituted a three-member committee to look into the authenticity of the claims, Dr Jain said.

Dr Jain claims in her clinical findings on 70 patients over two months that she found a major improvement in patients. Among these patients, 25 per cent were diagnosed as HIV positive but were asymptomatic, 65 per cent had mild to severe symptoms and 10 per cent had major complications, including secondary infection from tuberculosis.

She said that her herbal preparation had come as a blessing for many HIV positive people who had to undergo extreme physical trauma during later stages of the infection. After a short treatment, a majority of the patients, some of whom were presented here, had become healthy enough to take care of themselves. She claimed the samples of about 90 per cent of patients became asymptomatic. About 8 per cent patients felt much better and their weight and CD4 level increased in one month.


gorshan’s comment: true or quack, time will tell.

From what I read, its almost impossible to find a cure for HIV virus because whatever medicine you throw at them…they are able to change its DNA structure to make itself immune.

Most of the drugs available in this era are to prolong the patients life.

HIV can enter the cell without antibody noticing it

if from india or chine, i hardly believe it

where our bintangor tree cure?

no need cure la, this.

better to have some sort of control.

[quote=“vertigo”]no need cure la, this.

better to have some sort of control.[/quote]

Are you saying you want to see millions of people die?

post reported