Another two fall victim to loan scam

MIRI: A nurse and an operation manager here lost RM9,060 and RM600 between Aug 1 to 3 to a non-existent loan.

State Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief, Supt Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah in a statement here yesterday said the first victim, a 26-year-old nurse saw a loan advertisement on Facebook on Aug 1 and was immediately interested in applying for a RM28,000 loan.

“The victim was convinced by the suspect to make payment to process her loan application before approval. She then transferred RM1,000 and another RM8,060 to two accounts belonging to the suspect,” said Mustafa.

Mustafa said the victim only realised she had been cheated when the suspect asked her to pay another RM4,000 which the victim refused.

In the second case, a 45-year-old operation manager received a Whatsapp message on July 29 offering him a loan.

“The victim became interested in a loan of RM40,000 and was asked to pay RM600 as processing fee,” said Mustafa.

On Aug 2, the victim told his wife to pay the RM600 to the suspect’s account.

“On Aug 3, the victim received a message from an unknown number asking him to deposit another RM1,280 as insurance prompting the victim to suspect that he may have fallen victim to a scam,” said Mustafa.

The victim then lodged a police report on the incident.

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