Another PDRM wonderfulness

Article :- … wai-polis/

Women nearly gets raped, goes to make a police report

ends up being sexually harassed by the police themselves…

Read and be surprised… (i wasn’t to be honest)

p.s :- its in malay though… … sec=nation

english version


english version[/quote]

Thanks Ron

Why report to “gangster” when you need help. Do it in facebook and get better results! Malaysia Boleh!

It’s funny that becauseof a few personnel, the whole PDRM is viewed negatively. Trully Malaysia boleh mentality for once, Id like read something optimistic in this forum.

Don’t say PDRM lah… it’s just this DSP…

this is how majority of malaysians think.

kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

there is a saying `you cant paint everybody with the same brush’


is the lady problem. who ask her to go out with the polis?

Maybe she’s just trying to be friendly but got misunderstood by the police? I dont think there’s a problem if they go out casually.

hahaha, interesting responses…

latest update said she was making false report. Surely got cover up. King of cover up.

False report is the indon one not this one.

care to elaborate what kind of problem that this lady has? your statement sort of indicate that you are a sexist.

False report is the indon one not this one.[/quote]

Thanks for the correction. My bad. :slight_smile:

False report is the indon one not this one.[/quote]

can u tell us more about this case? what really happened