Anime Video Streaming Community

Well recently I made a few web well one of it I consider success a lil bit not much it just need more members thats all.

GENRE: Animation/Anime

Although its a not a blog but there is no section for me to post about this hehehe. If you wondering how is an anime web can be a successfull web well the story begin when there is a fall down of a large anime streaming community. I will show the awstat for february 2009 untill today dates 21/2/09

See the number of Hits and Pages. If you wondering how much will you earn with this much view “41716” only give you around 5 USD perday using google adsense. Widgetbucks will give you more than that for US/CAN traffic you have.

If you intrested to have a web like this I can kick start your web using my db (currently have 2555 video). Yet I can customize your vShare script. FYI none of the video is hosted on you server so no worries about disk space it juz that you might need a VPS (I can recommend you a cheap VPS) after you reach certain amount of traffic as normal shared hosting wont allow you to have 16% CPU usage. Ofc this offer require you to pay me lol. Info mailto: support[at]

If you love anime have a visit to my web and help me grow ^^.

You have a cool website there,but it has changed the link to . There is problem sometimes when i enter [url=,it],it won’t allow me to enter the site unless i click the link from above…is like i enter the link myself,sometimes it won’t work…

can download anime ka…
coz i download/watch streaming video from and

sux though coz sometimes putus or didn’t show a play button on screen

Hehe ofc can dload one if you want… Yeah I was going for a .com domain a few month ago… ^^ I dont think you will have problem to enter now… if you do just email me and I will work it out for you…

wow…nice blog man