Angel eye Projector headlight for any car


RM430/set. THis price is only the parts price. Not inclusive of installation.
It uses HID H1 bulbs. Plug and play for most vehicles without modification to original car parts.
Bulb parts are easily sourced in the market.
Please visit this website for more pictures…Parts you will receive. | A pair of Bixenon HID projector he… | Flickr
I can be contacted at 0162256676.


Can use for honda city 09?

Hi k5,
I’m sorry, I can’t be sure. YOu need to measure your headlamp internal size to fit the projector dimension of 120mm (diameter) x 120mm(length). Is your city the latest model with 5 speed auto gearbox or the 7speed CVT gearbox? If it’s 5 speed auto, not sure. If its CVT gearbox model, chances is higher. This projector can fit into a kelisa headlamp, just for your comparison.

This is the light beam from the projector light installed on Lancer.

Is it street legal ? How much plus installation and warranty wise how long leh ? :? :? :?

pm me how much + installation too :smiley: thanks

Hi Lingie,
No, it’s not street legal as do all HID retrofit. But by installing this projector, you eliminate the nuisance/danger you cause to other oncoming vehicle compare against those using HID bulb in original halogen headlamp. This projector will produce clear cut off beam which won’t cause glare to oncoming vehicles when properly adjusted. I’ve PM you link to other website for more info/pictures.

HI dyii95, I’ve send you PM.

Some updates…recently installed in a kelisa headlamp


Hi, may i know the light is still available?
if honda city idsi can installed tis kind of lamp?

Hi j.s.l, base on the huge headlamp that idsi have, should be able to install in. But please check your headlamp dimension whether can fit in the projector size - diameter 120cm x length 120cm.

Honda Accord CD5 can install?

Hi Ransu, maybe can’t due to the size of your car headlamp. To be sure, you need to make measurement estimate.

No idea how to take the measurements… Please PM me, we discuss it further.