Android OS issues

Here’s an interesting comment about the Android OS:

I have had a 3G and 3GS and have used an iPhone 4 extensively
I have had a Magic unlocked 3G, Droid Incredible, and Droid X

I submitted this here because /Android tries to hide anything VERY quickly when a problem with Android is posted. It’s pretty obnoxious.

I have used both OSes for a very long time and know them quite well. I am not a fanboy of either and use both all the time. This is just what I notice.

Android is a powerful OS that can do lots, just not that well. It constantly feels like a beta OS and it gets you addicted to future releases. The addiction comes from Android feeling so buggy that you wish the next OS that comes out will fix problems that frustrate you so much. The problem is, they never seem to arrive. Users are constantly installing custom Roms in hopes to get a “fast one”. From my experience, they usually don’t exist. I found myself addicted to installing them to get better performance but I was never happy. There was always something wrong. It was always still choppy. They are never quite right. Users on /Android claim their phones never lag but that statement is laughable. I have yet to use an Android phone that doesn’t lag and I use them ALL. A new one comes out, I go to the store and use it for hours. I love new technology. They all lag. Android’s multitasking might be better in theory than iOS but it’s just not there yet. Apps can burn through your battery and you have no idea that they are even open. /Android usually claims it’s better to GIVE THE USER CONTROL but that only works with about 10% of the population. I made a graph linked at the bottom regarding this. An Android user will absolutely love his/her phone if they come from iOS, for about a month. I have yet to come across someone (that buys a high end Android phone) to not love it in the beginning. They rave about it. They rave about the unrestricted market and how much more of computer feel it has. They are right. It definitely feels way better than iOS in the functionality of it. I happen to be in that 10% who would rather have the better multitasking but no way in hell do I recommend Android to any of my friends who are not like me. I have made this mistake a few times before. All I get are complaints about how slow it is, how awful the battery life is.

Moving on from the basics. The backbutton on Android is one of the worst things I have ever seen implemented anywhere, ever. It is straight up obnoxious. You have no idea where the back button will take you. I crave the iOS option on Android. I want to hit back on the screen and know exactly where it will take me. Sometimes it exits the app, sometimes it takes you back, sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it closes the browser, sometimes it doesn’t. This really needs to be improved. I literally stop using my phone when it doesn’t function properly. I just put it down because I become so frustrated.

The browser will just stop working completely. It will show nothing sometimes, or other times it will show you your home page but clicking links will not take you anywhere. If closing all your windows doesn’t work (it rarely does). You have to restart. This happens pretty often to make it a pain in the ass. It has also happened on all 3 of my phones on 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, and 2.2. Great.

Every single skin is slow as ■■■■. My DX was an awful experience before I got LauncherPro. It was slow and laggy and very frustrating. Flipping between screens felt like the phone was struggling to display what was next. This lag continues over to parts where the launcher doesn’t fix. (this is the same on all phones I have had as well) When typing, the phone will lag, then catch up with itself. Very annoying. The keyboard on many phones is even bigger than the iPhones yet it is no where near as good.

The “open” crap they spew on /Android is ■■■■■■■■. This is actually what they tell their non-nerd friends. I’m convinced most of them over there have never had an iPhone before. They actually look for things that it does better than iOS so they can convert their friends. The jealously lasts long enough for them to buy an Android phone to be quickly disappointed at how amateur the OS feels. I have converted about 6 of my friends and my brother to Android. They all absolutely LOVED it. Slowly the complaints started rolling in. Once they began using their GF’s iPhone 4s or at the store many of them regretted the switch deeply. I would say Android is better than the 3GS experience but it does not touch the iPhone 4. Not even close. I’m pretty sure /Android has no idea how sick Cydia is and what you can do with your phone. Open source hasn’t really helped anyone except to try and remove the ■■■■■■ lag all these phones have. There are customizations but iOS doesn’t need any of that. They can all be installed from Cydia for pretty much anything you would want to do.

The market on Android brings tears to my eyes it’s so terrible. This is one thing that /Android will admit is terrible. They say there is spam on the iPhone, which is true, but it does not come close. Search for anything you want and your search fills up with pure garbage. I stopped using the Market because there is so much trash on there it’s hard to find anything good. If anyone here hasn’t used the market before you will laugh if you see it. Android gets so little mainstream and actually good applications that the top apps are the same ones from over a year ago. I’m not kidding. Amazon’s app store is a big improvement in quality but nothing comes close to iOS, nor will it ever. Developers hate Android.

I would have to say that the only good thing about Android coming out is having competition for Apple to improve their OS and hardware. The iPhone’s screen is way too small. It’s very hard to appreciate it once you move to a bigger Android screen, especially a SuperAMOLED or the DX’s screen. It’s just too small. Hopefully the rumors are true and Apple can make a 4" screen in the same body style. I will switch back in a minute and never leave again. I was going to go to the iPhone 4 when it came to Verizon but I realized I would rather wait for the 5. I wasn’t waiting for it either. I was just slowly building up rage for Android’s sloppy experience. Even Angry Birds lags on my DX, something that would never, ever happen on iOS. The only problem with this is /Android says things like “WELL YOU HAVE TO DO THIS AND IT WON’T LAG!” It usually never works. But either way, I shouldn’t have to do anything. I should open up a game and have it run smoothly, every single time.

When you plug in your phone to your computer to drag files you see that Android has raped your SD card into submission. It is filled with bullshit folders and files. And I’m talking system32 filled with garbage. Why doesn’t Android install this crap in ONE single folder? Why isn’t there a folder for Video, Music, Pictures, and Documents. Why isn’t it this simple? iOS’s syncing sucks too but the way Android does it is just terrible.

All in all, I would say /Android users have too much pride to admit that there are many things wrong with it. They praised it so much when they first got it that their pride gets in the way and can’t admit they changed their minds. You will see Android users have a hard time letting people borrow their phones after the original honey moon period.

Video chat quality on ANY Android phone is pretty much unusable, even on wifi. It looks awful. On the iPhone it’s near perfect. The camera is better on the iPhone than any other phone as well

Now the reason this is all Android talk is because when I use iOS I feel refreshed and smooth. It’s better for 90% of all usage than Android. I feel relieved for it not to lag. It’s like a little treat.

I know this is very sloppy but I just typed this up real quick because I’m at my breaking point with Android. I have given it enough of a chance. Google needs to seriously add hardware acceleration. If this is added I would probably be on the level between Android and iOS because of the ■■■■■■ quality of the Market and the horrible back button problem. It amazes me that people are OK with their phone lagging, something they only take out when they want to take care of something quickly, yet having a computer that lags is the most frustrating thing in the world. I just can’t stand that subreddit anymore and its users. Google even released 3.0 before it was ready. Talk about attention to details.

Edit: Calling me a fanboy proves my point even more. This is what Android users do. Anytime there is a problem with Android it’s “YOU ARE A RAGING FANBOY”. I am not a fanboy. I am bringing up the issues in a raging matter that Android deserves as it is not yet a quality OS. I have seen many posts in /Android about these and they get buried or the OP deletes them due to raging of users. I see complaints like this constantly in person but they always seem to not exist in Reddit user’s minds. Their phones are always perfect and smooth. It’s funny how /Android has posts about their battery lasting 3 days or longer. Really? So you’re bragging that you don’t touch your phone for 3 days? I never see iPhone posts bragging about battery life because they don’t touch their phone. … f_android/

Any Android OS user here can comment on their experience on whether what was said in the article had any truth? Note that I am not that familiar with Android OS, so can’t comment on it much.

LOL! I’d say this fella is a noob. Real nooob. They just want out of the box experience. Then I’d give thumbs up for iOS la for out of the box experience.

I love how you can customise Android OS especially using custom ROMs/mods :smiley:

What is dx? Maybe tat guy compare old android phone with iphone 4, I think new model like nexus s rule… I own a desire, I do think iphone 4 is better sometimes, full customization makes me headache, I can spend hours customizing my phone ><

DX Stands for his Motorola Droid X…

I flash new ROMs every week for my X10i :stuck_out_tongue:

Using ori andoird 2.2 from dell… nth wrong with it… my whole family using android even my mom and dad… never hear them complain also… Custom ROM sometimes may be buggy but nothings perfect.

Use to flash rom a lot last time, then lazy le, now choose the most stable and fastest rom, and update it only… Lol…

dats bout open source lah.
u can do anything.
u didnt need itune wat so ever to transfer files.
install ur own keyboard,luncher,rom.

how many people so rich can buy iphone 4 or take their postpaid plans?
android range from 240 x 320 to 600 x 1024 screen size and various function…
choose any dat suits ur budget
dats y i choose android.

[quote=“3zz”]dats bout open source lah.
u can do anything.
u didnt need itune wat so ever to transfer files.
install ur own keyboard,luncher,rom.

how many people so rich can buy iphone 4 or take their postpaid plans?
android range from 240 x 320 to 600 x 1024 screen size and various function…
choose any dat suits ur budget
dats y i choose android.[/quote]

Like your reply, lol, in malaysia, price does matter, things are getting more expensive, but salary remain the same XD

Affordable Android phones… mid end would be Galaxy Ace comes with 2.2 froyo and if day High end would be Xperia X10 since it will officially get 2.3 end of Q2 2011 though we have 2.2 and 2.3 custom ROMs already hehe.

Well, iOS is just fine as a phone but you have to jailbreak to do customizations but even so, it is still very limited compared to Android. But it is good for those who don’t mind keeping your phone boring but functional as it is.

Android’s advantages allows a lot customizations and true multitasking which may be the reason for lag in lower end versions. I’m using a HTC Hero and have flashed to Gingerbread 2.3.3. It’s pretty smooth overall as well as my customized homescreens kickass:

I have since changed it to this (considering changing back though):

That cat is a battery power and temp indicator… yeah, one of the crazy Japanese apps… you feed it milk and stuff as well lol…

BTW, to get a good Android experience… I’d recommend to get at least one with chip power equal or better than a Desire (Z, HD or S) or Galaxy S/Nexus S… 1GHz but make sure the GPUs are strong (Test a 3D racing game app or 3d benchmark app)… Motorola series of Androids are strong but they’ve locked the bootloaders (they say they’re gonna unlock but ppl still waiting) which doesn’t allow you to update to latest versions (jailbreak/root).

iOS and Android are equally fine OSs. Android allows so much more customizations while iOS will definitely always be locked down by Darth Steve Jobs. iOS advantage is that it’s already optimized hence the smooth UI and the apps market is more mature. Android however is definitely improving towards there but with allowing heavy customizations and what I’m saying here may change in just a couple of months. Get iOS if you don’t want to bother with having your own personalized customizations or if you find the work of customization and updates taxing (not that taxing after u’ve tried it first time to me but then you can find a friend or pay someone to update your android rom).

I’ll post a video sometime in the future so you’ll see what you’re getting with Android… after customizations. Usually the default stuff sux… forced on by the manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, Motorola…etc).

Android OS is for customization IMO , Flashing custom roms and custom kernels , themes,

Iphone 4 is for its simple user interface, which , I like alot , but gets boring after a while …sure u can flash different looks , but not as much as android :slight_smile:

i myself prefer android , because of the cute little green droid :mrgreen:


Even my cheap Xperia X8 can get 2.3 custom ROM :mrgreen:
So far I’m ok with android, If given the budget rm2xxx + , I also choose android rather than Iphone :lol:

TonyG can go for LG Optimus 2x or Motorola Atrix hehe… drool dual-core with nvidia tegra 2… :stuck_out_tongue:

IOS without jailbreak sucks. Looks nice in the beginning but once you have it for some time, you just get bored of the interface. Sure now you can change wallpaper but now the problem is the apps are blocking the wallpaper view. Example if I got a nice naked lady picture as wallpaper but one of the app icon blocked the nipple. And you can’t exactly arrange the icons the way you want it cause it’s auto arrange and cannot be modified! Icons grouped into a folder icon is a great idea, but once you have too many of them, the iphone interface still just clustered with them and even uglier with the folder icons hogging all the screen. Given a choice, I rather hide the ones I use less often to clean up the homescreen and android does that. On the bright side, I love the retina display and contrast ratio of the device which so much better than most android I know when compared side by side. But this will change once Android phones adapt the same hardware specs.

Of course if you jailbreak it, you get more customization features but how many would risk doing that on a RM2500++ phone?

i think many would risk jailbreak on a rm2.5k phone. JB is really low risk

im an ip4 user and i’ve been staring at the same interface since my 2007 ipod touch. i dont get ‘bored’ with an interface, as long as it works smoothly then that’s a good interface for me. about app/folder icons hogging the screen, isnt that the same with android? also i dont get whats the problem with a clustered screen…doesnt that just mean that person have too many apps they dont need? i mostly just use the apps on my 1st screen, n i have 4 screens total. those useful but i dont use everyday (e.g. remotes, converters etc) i put in folders at the last screen. each screen doesnt have to be full of apps anyway, so u still can show off that nice lady’s nipples haha

After the video ended, up next: REBECCA BLACK’S FRIDAY!

After the video ended, up next: REBECCA BLACK’S FRIDAY![/quote]

Opps… maybe she likes android too~ XD