Android Device Dealer in Miri ! :D

:smiley: Hello everybody ! I’m an Android Device ( Tablet,phone ) dealer in Miri. I can offer good prices to Mirians :slight_smile: I deal mainly Samsung and Sony devices :slight_smile:

I can sell cheaper becos I get direct product and I do not have own a store. That’s why I can sell at a cheaper price honestly :slight_smile:

If interested to get any Android Device, pls contact 0146851286

Working hours will be daily, 1pm-11pm ( free to call me)

If you wanna PM or SMS,you can do it anytime ! :smiley:

PM me for S2 Best price could offer by you

no price?

let me know when you decide to venture into the HTC brand… thank you…

pm me the price for the watch

pm me all the price for the device that ure selling.
dealer should have all the price. rite?

Wrong post!should go into classifieds!

Pm me the watch

PM me prices…everything

Pm Me the best price for sony xperia U and xperia S …

pm me ur price for s2

pls listdown the price soo other can compare

Hi everybody :slight_smile: The way we trade is we ask you for expected price and we’ll deal with you all individually :] PM all your expected prices individually :slight_smile:
This is our new trading system :slight_smile:

Hello everybody :slight_smile:
This is roughly this list that we can provide for now :
Xperia U-RM899 (4gb internal memory)
Xperia S-RM1450 (42gb internal memory)
Sony Smart Watch-RM 500 (multiple colour choices)

Best product currently!~SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS PRIMEResolution better than Samsung S2only RM1450Dual Core~4.0 ICS

For those who are purchasing more than 1 product, we have special price for you especially the Sony Smart Watch !

I hope the info is useful :slight_smile: We apologise as we have not managed to get very good price for some products :o Sorry everybody! But we’ll still try our best to help you :slight_smile:

Hi everybody :slight_smile: Pls sms to our working phone number for the price :slight_smile:

However, I would like to specificly emphasize on our best selling product now which is the:


Selling at only------------------>RM 1450<----------------------------------

Sony Xperia U-RM899
Sony Xperia S-RM1450

xperia U-RM899
xperia S-RM1450

Xperia S’s internal memory is 32GB.

Price for Note?

Oh, we’re very sorry for the typing error :o It’s 32gb :slight_smile: Tq for the correction !