Analyzer Engineer or DCS Engineer

I am offered 2 jobs, one as Analyzer Engineer and one as DCS Engineer. Fyi, I am fresh grad

The Analyzer engineer is offered by Hyperwave System and DCS engineer is offered by Yokogawa

I do not know which field has a better job prospect in the oil and gas industry.

Can anybody advise?

I know the boss of hyper wave, perry tan.

Anyway, analyzer field is very specialized, thus limited. I think DCS field is better.

Send my regard to perry.

You shouldnt hv posted the name here

Do you work in the field of instrument?

Yokogawa offered me Service Engineer under Lifecycle service department -> Their scope include not only DCS but all sorts of instrument

  1. Periodic shutdown and maintenance
  2. Record calibration data and issue report
  3. Verify instruments for validity of expiry dates
  4. Lead a team of engineers for shutdown work

Hyperwave offered me Analyzer Engineer-> Their job scope is

  1. Analyzer
  2. Fire and Gas System
  3. Metering system

Which one is more useful? Anyone who is familiar with Instrument please advise

I don’t see any problem posting the boss name of hyper wave here. I know him personally. By the way, if this is a problem, the administrator of this website will inform me.

First thing you have to learn in the field of technical service provider business is be humble and always be appreciative. Don’t be too critical as I might be your client one of these days, irregardless of which field you choose.

Think before you act or write…

I don’t think perry tan mind that I mentioned his name here.

In either cases, I might be your client next time.

  1. Which of the two job is more tough? Which one requires OT/stay up overnight? Which one is more headache?

  2. With knowledge of DCS and process analyzers, where can that lead to in one’s career?

  3. DCS engineer or process analyzer engineer more sought after by industry?

  4. The Yokogawa job is not only DCS but also servicing pressure transmitter/flowmeter and all kinds of field instrument. How useful is the experience?

Can anyone tell me anything about Yokogawa and hyperwave

if i were u, i would go for DCS engineer. as it has broader scope compared to analyzer engineer which is specializing on certain analyzers only.
servicing transmitters and all provide you with better understandings on the functionality of it. thus, a plus point for ur future career leap.
plus, DCS is applicable to all plants. means, for future career wise, its is more marketable.
yokogawa is an international company, and very common for plants’ control systems, be it onshore or offshore.
someday you can opt for a control & automation design engineer, or instrument engineer.
which is also very sought after in oil& gas industry.
just my 2 cents! cheers. :wink:

That was a good input.

Why is it not good to specialize in certain types of analyzer?

Isn’t it almost similar?

Hi, do u know about yokogawa industrial safety service engineer? Wat does it do is it a good field?