Analogue TV Transmitter Stations Location

:? Here some information that might be useful for users who still use TV antenna. Make sure antenna is pointed to correct broadcast tower. Coordinates included in the pdf files.

These pdf files can be found at SKMM site.

Recommended antenna design :

VHF video channel (41.25MHz - 224.25MHz , channel 1 - 12) = Log periodic antenna

UHF video channel (471.25MHz - 951.25MHz , channel 21 -81) = Yagi-Uda antenna

*These two antennas looks similar in outer appearance. However, all log periodic elements are electrically driven while Yagi-Uda antenna only has one driven element.

Thank you. So do we really can receive channel NTV 7 as if according to your information???

What the hell? We have NTV7 now??

I don’t think Miri has NTV7 broadcast. According to SKMM, that channel is assigned to them, but seem like Media Prima Berhad doesn’t have plan to use that channel anytime soon.
Here the weird part on channel 36 aka 519.25MHz when I did a search on SKMM registers. Which one belong to Miri?

Is this the one? Bukit Singgalang? Sibu?
524. NATSEVEN TV SDN BHD 01377304-000SU/202013 BUKIT SINGHALANG 519.25 SARAWAK 31 December 2013