An apologize to an uncle when in myymall i signal him to reverse car but didn't see car nearby

I not try to fool him sincerely say. I just really try act nice direct him is safe to reverse car but without knowing car nearby already because before I look at the road no car. Just coincident the car nearby as he start reverse. I mean no harm ler…why u you act revenge on me by mirror me that day act. I didn’t apologize at that moment because I scare u get mad and punch me or scold me… I scare…fast fast drive car run away…so many bad guy bully me … all like shark wanna swallow my money as they think I am stupid and senial and ■■■■■■… I not ■■■■■■ or senile ler I just act for funny purpose just to make friend but in the end nobody willing talk to me…I just normal person perhaps sometime I talk something not scientific because I really experience supernatural because my dream not normal.