An apologize to an uncle when in myymall i signal him to reverse car but didn't see car nearby

I not try to fool him sincerely say. I just really try act nice direct him is safe to reverse car but without knowing car nearby already because before I look at the road no car. Just coincident the car nearby as he start reverse. I mean no harm ler…why u you act revenge on me by mirror me that day act. I didn’t apologize at that moment because I scare u get mad and punch me or scold me… I scare…fast fast drive car run away…so many bad guy bully me … all like shark wanna swallow my money as they think I am stupid and senial and ■■■■■■… I not ■■■■■■ or senile ler I just act for funny purpose just to make friend but in the end nobody willing talk to me…I just normal person perhaps sometime I talk something not scientific because I really experience supernatural because my dream not normal. say it out will relate to all religion. don’t know u believe or not I once being workship by muslim in lutong masjid in very very short period because I bertapa and read Christian bibble until become saints in the past that’s why but I unhappy. However that was past. I was unhappy become ppl god alike. I just wanna common ppl a great human being that’s enough. I run away because cannot answer their prayer. But I ever dream some artist pray to me and in my dream get answered by the heavenly father. I write message in youtube business email to an female artist named J.fla. .and some other artist I forgot…I changed j fla look by word or simple drawing. she straight ahead famous with her singing. Before she famous she is once most hated artist everyone insult her, cyber bully her. I see this I help her. I may gone crazy simply scold my parent it is because there is a illusion I see when I sick I see them scam my money and plot me to psychiatry in order to kill god claim…but I remember in illusion someone ever murdered me and I reborn in other family I still got memory of my past family certain argument with national security ppl black suit ppl I being put back to current family. I exist and reborn in under miri bridge there. There is a cop there see why I murder myself because when I being put back I being time travel back in time. I know is weird my case to say, that policemen also mentally ill ever since need eat medicine like me. Who knows is a scam tatic I don’t know…they brain wash me to think like that way…just many suspicious matter…I play game just to escape to stop thinking keep myself busy. I don’t look like psychopath before medication. But u all always ask me to eat medicine I no choice force myself to eat by swallow and swallow my personal dignity. if one person ask me eat medicine I eat one time…another ask I eat again until u all happy and until I say good bye to u all. I just wanna let u guys know don’t simply ask us mental illness patient simply eat medicine as you not qualify as a doctor. I eat just to show u medication can kill a patient not cure a patient…I ever swallow entire pack medication because Chinese cari forum 碟李飞keep cyber bully me and humiliate me and telling me time to eat medication. Don’t worry I wont live long as I eat this type of medication. I died u all happy then. I don’t know what can stop him humiliate me.

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