Amira wants a favour from Grandpa Abdullah


Saturday June 23, 2007

Amira wants a favour from Grandpa Abdullah

PUTRAJAYA: Seven-year-old Amira Badawi Kamaluddin has a favour to ask of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The Sekolah Seri Cempaka pupil wants the Prime Minister to give away some 50 paintings that she and her friends have made to sick children in hospitals throughout the country.

She wanted to make the request at the launching of the National Suria 1000 programme yesterday but her grandfather could not attend the ceremony as he was abroad.

Instead, she asked if Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi could pass on the message when he next meets Abdullah.

She told Effendi: My name is Amira. I am from Seri Cempaka school. My grandfather, the Prime Minister, was supposed to come today but he is away. We miss his presence.

We have a little gift for him and a message. I do hope you can pass this on to him when he is at the next Cabinet meeting.

These photo frames (bearing paintings) are for the hospitals and were done by my friends and me. We want to give them to the sick children, with all our love and wishes. Thank you.

The crowd gave a thunderous applause when Amira handed one of the paintings to Effendi, who sportingly took a group photograph with the pupils, who had earlier performed for the crowd.

why don’t she pick up her Mobile phone and call Pak Lah… :lol:

problem is pak lah didn’t carry his…

How nice the intension of that little girl…