American Idol - Season 8 - FINAL

Wondering whether there are any AI fans out there???
The Season Finale for AI Season 8 is this Wednesday night… Who will win?
It could be a close fight between the two… as mentioned during the last result show, only 1 million votes separating the top two.
The 2 finalists as follows:-

Adam Lambert (26 yo theatre performer) - the front-runner and favourite, consistent performer, consistently received positive feedback from the judges, versatile (more of rocker image)
Kris Allen (23 yo student) - One of the fans favourite, clean, down-to-earth and low profile guy, good at using acoustic guitar


I was shocked to hear Danny got eliminated the other day, sayangnya…

Haha, lots of people expect the battle between Adam & Danny… Anyway, someone gotta go

[size=150]American Idol finalists and friends[/size]

AMERICAN Idol finalists Kris Allen and Adam Lambert dont want to get personal. The singers told a throng of media gathered Monday outside the Nokia Theatre in Hollywood, where the duo will face off during the shows two-night finale, that they hope viewers will base their votes for the next Idol on performance alone.

For me, I hope that having the Christian vote doesnt help with anything, said Allen, a 23-year-old college student who has worked as a worship leader at the New Life Church in his hometown of Conway, Arkansas. I hope it has to do with your talent and the performance that you give and the package that you have. Its not about religion and all that kind of stuff.

Lambert, a 27-year-old theatre actor from San Diego who once worked in the Los Angeles cast of Wicked, heartily agreed. He said he does not think the contest has anything to do with your religious background, what colour you are, your gender. It doesnt have anything to do with that. Its about music. Thats really important to keep in mind.

The pair are scheduled to be joined on the results show by Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana, Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah, Black Eyed Peas, Keith Urban, Jason Mraz and previous Idol winner David Cook. Allen teased that they may duet with some of those artists but neither finalist would reveal any details about their finale performances.

Theyre good songs, said Lambert. I think everyone will like them.

To prepare for the two-night finale, Allen said hes been saving his voice by texting instead of talking while Lambert plans to order a really big room service breakfast on Tuesday morning. Both singers said they have become friends and felt like they have already won the popular Fox singing competition, pledging to support each others music in the future.

I know Im going to be first in line to buy his album, gushed Lambert.

Same here, added Allen. Maybe youll give it to me.

You dont have to buy it, teased Lambert. Ill send you a copy. AP

Catch the finale of American Idol Season Eight on Star World (Astro Ch 711) today at 6pm (direct off satellite) and 8pm (primetime encore), and then tune in for the two-hour result show at 8am (live) tomorrow, with repeats at 6pm and 8pm.

For those who doesn’t subscribe to Astro Star World channel (711), can watch the delayed telecast of the show at 8TV (708 channel) on Thursday 9.30pm and result show on Friday 9.30pm.

I like Adam Lambert !

the first time i saw AI i’m like wow~ wat a good looking guy…and he is talented, frankly speaking the show not only seek for talented singer but also someone with good looks so that can be popular easily. I thk AI has the higher possibility to win.

The judges having tough time especially most of the final 5 contestants are talented and have good vocal range.
You’ll be amazed to see these guys sing… so natural and like what Randy Jackson (one of the judge) said “You can really sing, dawg”.
I think the voting result goes down to individual preferences of the singer they like, not much on the song itself.

i hope adam wins it…if kris win…then i guess america got hearing problem…kris is tone deaf 1…i don understand y would danny got eliminated…i was ruling for kris to be eliminated…wat a dissapointment…

is adam lambert gay?? no offense but gutterpost got pictures of him kissing guys :o

i don think so eh… :shock:

Yeah, Adam sings like a professional and even better than the original singers of the song… try listen to him hitting the high note, wow…

The news report does publish this news, but he just keep quiet and haven’t reveal his true sexuality (maybe scared that he might lose the votes)… even his appearance did suggest it…

Well, I don’t care if he’s gay. He’s got talent and star quality.

Yeah, the final result should reflect actual talents and star attractions.

The results are out… after the votes being tallied… I’m proud to announced The Winner of American Idol Season 8 is…

[size=150]KRIS ALLEN !!![/size]

Congratulations to Kris Allen… Disappointment for Adam Lambert’s fan. :mrgreen:

Anyway, you don’t need to be an idol winner to boost their singing career, just look at Chris Daughtry (last 4 of some earlier season) who is doing very well with the sales of his album.

congrates to kris and best wishes to adam. i’ve always wanted kris to win and he does not disappoint me. :slight_smile:

i guess america is not ready to accept a gay american idol after all… after reading some reports, i assume that some voters did not “vote” for kris allen, but they “vote” against lambert…but it has been a hell of a season, congratulations kris and good luck adam

you gotta be kiding me man…for real kris won it??damn…puipuipui spitting…