Ambank bonuslink visa card?

i heard from my colleague that ambank launched ambank bonuslink visa card …bt i am still nvr gt any news abt this card …
This card is for ??? if anyone knw abt this card kindly plz share …

it just a credit card…nothing special…just same like credit card from other bank…huhu

i heard many benefit laa if u use this card.can get point and redeem gift also. :smiley:

You haven’t apply it?
There is very convenient to make the payment and it can register online too, no need go for the bank

Ya! It is really not bad, they provided travel insurance coverage for us as well

what is the benefit for those credit card?
I never register it before because I think that it just a platform to use future money only LOL

recently thy had an event at pavilion, so mny ppl registered the bonusink wth credit card with thm .thy mentioned that tis card cn use for make transaction plus get some points…after collect the points as usual cn reedm it n gt gifts

u can get other bnefit too.whenever u spend for any expenses using this card u can get rewards.

as i knw this card is 2 in 1 card , bonusink with credit card …so when u go out also not need to bring alot of mny in your purse bcz nw days no safety aso ,you cn use this card at anywherer anytime ,its really worth it to sign up this card…

different bank offer different benefit.what the sales prson from ambank told me last week is u can enjoy this card with any purchase and can collect until 10x bonuslink.retail transaction and daily usage like groceries and dining can also get point.

i heard that this card also can cover for travel i think no worry for those like travel.

oh thats great , but can i know which page can i register … their fb pg or ???

sounds good , bt is that can use this card at any groceries or they have any specific place only can use ???

Can this done thru online how ? and what’s the minimum requirement ?

minimum annual income Rm24,000.00 for the basic one which i think it is possible for you =)

Different bank offer different privileged. like embank focus on points to redeem gift while other bank focus on cash rebates.

if u want 2 get points from both side , u have to shop at shops that provide bonuslinks points which i found kinda troublesome unless at shell petro station which famous for providing bonuslink points

yes , but for those who barely travels would be unnecessary for them which they prefer points and cash rebate benefits but why wanna keep worrying about points and interest charge if you can just use debit card with no worries n interest charges ?

Other banks do offer lower interest rate, but with Ambank Bonuslink credit card… you saved more than other bank when you can redeem your dreams item with points collected. it is about the same, but you can get more from this credit card.

I personally love the design and benefits of the card. Great Job tho Ambank for the comeback!.