Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020

Does any body know why PNB choose to put the number 2020? ASW2020? Why did the put the year 2020, and why the year financial end on the 31 Aug? If you know why, grab this oppurtunity!! 8) The kouta are so limited for non-bumiputera. I’m lucky to get one…

2020 was chosen when our former PM, Tun Mahathir announce our vision as a develop country in year 2020. The same goes to Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M) which is adopted from our present PM, DS Najib’s concept.

i have invested only RM3000 since it’s inception(if not mistaken it started either in 1997 or 1998, now my account balance around RM59++.00, ther are 2 times interest sent by cheque cause no more quato to bank it into the account.

This wawasan2020 is ok lah for investment but remember PNB is not under bank negara regulation and it’s a private company so if PNB do declare bankrupt, all it’s depositor will loses it’s money immediately…don’t put too much is ok…

Yes, Natashaaa that was correct! But do you heard about ASN stories past 15 years when it first introduced? PNB decide to pay the dividen 10 times from the principal money inside each account holder, but only investors that invest more than 2 years earlier. MY dad and mom lucky in thier list, that whe that time I was very young, didn’t know any thing. Don’t you think that PNB will make a big supprise in next ten years? maybe yes, maybe not? For sure, what I’ve seen the prospectus of ASW2020, still not reach the maturity date. So, when is the maturity date? Still wondering…

Don’t put too much hope on it. Remember what Idris Jala says recently? Our country is going to bankrupt in 9 years. Our country’s politic situation now is somewhere at cross road and every ‘buy’ elections spent a lots of money. We don’t know what is the new government policy if there’s a big change. Dividen given reduce every year.

ASW - 8% (2007), 7% (2008), 6.3% (2009)

10 - 15 years ago, bank and finance institution are giving the above interest rate for their fixed deposit account. How much they are giving now?

So, What is your prediction on this year ASW2020’s dividen?

when this ASW2020 will issue this year?

Yess… don’t put too much hope in it. But, where else we can put trust and financial trust? Don’t put you money under the bed/pillow… We all know, even the Lehman Bros. and AIG the largest financial company network has been collapsed within less than 6 month, when the world market is bearish. Datuk Sri Idris Jala, he is one my inspires, he is Mirian. Firstly, I thought that MAS will bankrupt, and then he came to fixed the problems… and he get it right. Then suddenly PM take him in to Prime Minister Dept. He just make a prediction up to 9 years, if our country gov. make unwise spends. And thats why, we have seen our PM recently busy making agreement with Kampuchea, India and China, ect. This three country has a big cheap power resource, cheap materials, cheap landmark, etc. that contribute to lots of profits for host country and the investor country it self. And I really sure that our government WILL NOT STAND STILL TO LOOK HIS/HER OWN COUNTRY BANKRUPT in next 9 years (!!!) :shock: They should take action from now, and now in “play” mode. 8)
Asian now are making a big money in next 5 years, because today Asian country are depending to US dollar money base strength. If US dollar drop, or EUR drop, all Asian country will be effected. But if Asian economic drop, the US dollar economic still stand. That makes unfair right? This is because, US dollar is chosen earlier for currency base exchange, back in 1970’s when ForEx is started when country gradually switched to floating exchange rates from previous rate regime. That using the Bretton Woods system. You can make google search why and when the Bretton Woods is started. (1944, near end war world-2)
So Natashaaa, my prediction is ASW2020 will give you “something shining”. Did you saw or heard about the kanak-kanak capsule wawasan 2020 launched? Launched by our great former PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir. What is the programed for them? Where are they ? How many each states kids chosen? :slight_smile:
Perhaps, we will have the best for next 10 ahead. :wink:

Yong, ASW2020 next issue this year is 31- Aug every year. 1-Sept dividend will update.

I’m done…