Alternative media digest

(LadiesMan217) #1

Dear Admin/Mods,

May I suggest a RSS feed / digest for alternative media such as Malaysiakini, MalaysiaInsider, FreeMalaysiaToday, MalaysiaCronicle, etc. Reason is that its unnecessary for users to post up such articles whereby they can read it at those respective websites. It would save DMsia and Shuwenteo their valuable times just by doing copy and paste.

Thank you.

(Jackson Liaw) #2

Good suggestion - though I wish this question would have came earlier when I was doing the same thing back then. This is how I am looking at implementing this: 2 sections for news digest on mainpage - local mainstream vs. local alternative.

In order for me to implement this, can someone give me the links to local news site (mainstream & alternative) you would like to read which outputs feeds? Last I check some mainstream does not have feeds (i.e. TheBorneoPost) but that was a few years ago. I would like to approach this in a diplomatic way whereby all readers will benefit from this community effort.

(tmt) #3

Hope the below link helps