Alone-Thai horor movie

I just watch the movie.
Good but not excellent.
Suspense with short appearance of d GHOST.

However, i found a few bloopers:


  1. The couple arrived at the girl’s old house with brand new-looking car but later u can only see they have 2 old Mercedes-like cars later on.
  2. The girl went to the bathroom in her room in the hospital carrying IV drip. I cant find any insertion on her hands on where the IV drip went into. 1 of her hands was heavily bandaged.
  3. Before she fall down the stair, she saw the GHOST in the mirror. 1 step backward n she tumbled down d stair. Y would u put mirror so near d staircase and facing it? How u supposed to walk tru?
  4. The guy was diabetic. When his gf give him an insulin shot on the stomach, u cant find any needle scars.
  5. The big pair of spectacle. If the girl is not wearing the spectacle, the bf would notice about the contact lens solution/saline if she wear contact lens. Go figure…

watched this film the other day at cineplex…not that nice…average only…4 out of 10… :stuck_out_tongue: