Alleged theft suspect injures head in evening commotion

MIRI: A man, believed to be involved in the theft of oil palm fruits at an estate in Niah, received several stitches on his head after he was caught in a commotion on Thursday evening.

It is understood that in the 3.30pm incident, the man confronted the estate’s security guards who repeatedly advised him not to steal oil palm fruits anymore.

Angered by the warning, the man and his friend went to a canteen in the estate where they confronted three men — two of whom were the security guards.

A commotion ensued, causing one of them to be injured. He was then rushed to Miri Hospital the same day.

Acting on a report lodged, detectives from the central police station here rushed to the scene to investigate.

Police arrested three men — aged 20, 28 and 33 — to facilitate investigation into the case.

They also seized a weapon (a tool used to harvest oil palm fruits) and a wooden stick believed to have been used during the commotion.

The case is being investigated under Section 148 of the Penal Code.