All New VIOS My Design My Pride

Great Launching of the latest Toyota Vios. Enquiries are welcome and test drive available.


1.5E (A) - 80,246.00
1.5G (A) - 86,311.80
1.5S (A) - 89,594.70

Please PM or contact 013-837 1833 for further appointment and arrangement to buy yourself an affordable luxurious car for your beloved family.

not very impressive the new design. I thought it looked weird, the previous one was way better. :confused:

the previous one was way better. :confused:

My thoughts exactly. My opinions for the styling?

Old Vios = Britney Spears
New Vios = Fat Britney Spears :shock:

exactly. O.o.

Very true… That’s definately not what I want…

This is the new Vios photo that I’ve took in Brunei before it was launched in Malaysia.

Trust me, I didn’t turn my head when it drive pass me. Very disappointing. Legacy of the Yaris design maybe, as in its front grille.

Honda did a much better job on their new facelifts.

i was thinking it looks good though …with the bodykits
p.s im using the old 2005 vios

Well, the new VIOS’s front I would say acceptable
but the back part, cannot la…