All money Greece has will run out in mid-December

Angry Germany and France are now telling Greece directly in its face that it, frankly, isn’t that important and relevant to them, and that they basically can just live without Greece.

CANNES, France (Reuters) - The leaders of Germany and France told Greece on Wednesday it would not receive another single cent in European aid until it decides whether it wants to stay in the euro zone.

They also made clear it that saving the euro was ultimately more important to them than rescuing Greece.

France & Germany to Greece: do not think that you are so important to us

After emergency talks with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “Even though we would rather achieve a stabilization of the euro with Greece than without Greece, but this goal of stabilizing the euro is more important.”

Sarkozy hammered home the same message, telling a joint news conference with Merkel: “Our Greek friends must decide whether they want to continue the journey with us or not.”

The EU and IMF said Greece would not receive an urgently needed 8 billion euro ($11 billion) aid installment, due this month, until after the vote because official creditors wanted to be sure Athens would stick to its austerity program.

This was after the Greek leader sent a letter to EU leaders saying he wanted to negotiate the details of the second package before the referendum, they said. The letter angered European officials, raising the level of mistrust toward Greece.

China to EU: You seem to have some internal disagreements, it is therefore… we would halt our contribution to your emergency bailout fund

Sarkozy and Merkel said euro zone finance ministers would meet next Monday to speed up decisions on leveraging the euro zone’s rescue fund to build a firewall to protect other weaker members of the 17-nation currency area.

This may be interpreted that France and Germany are ready to abandon Greece, leaving it to bankruptcy, and move on to shield other states in crisis.

China’s deputy finance minister, Zhu Guangyao, said he hoped the uncertainty over the Greek referendum could be contained, adding that Beijing could not consider investing more in the euro zone’s bailout fund given the lack of detail on proposals to leverage it.
German & French leaders to Greek PM: You silly man, look what you have done!

If Greece voted ‘no’ to the referendum, it would face a disorderly default which would hammer Europe’s banks and threaten the much larger economies of Italy and Spain, which other European states may not have the means to bail out.

The chairman of euro zone finance ministers, Jean-Claude Juncker, said Greece could definitely go bankrupt if voters rejected the bailout package and Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi said: “Everyone is bewildered and waiting.”

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said the G20 must act swiftly and boldly to contain the crisis, which was spilling over to the rest of the world.
Greece will need to shut down country should money runs out and credit line exhausted

The Greek medias, including dailies traditionally friendly to the government, almost unanimously condemned Prime Minister Papandreou.

Center-left newspaper Eleftherotypia described the prime minister on its front page as “The Lord of Chaos”. Ethnos, another pro-government paper, called the referendum “suicidal”.

As of now, Greece had enough money to keep the country running until mid-December, when it has to redeem or pay the interest obligations of more than 6 billion euros in debt.

its fnny how i read the news this morning… it says Germany and France “Summoned” Greece for emergency talk…

u gotta love the news title sometimes 8)

They should have just kick out Greece from Euro since the beginning, from August till now, this Greece has been dragging the world markets. Now that people took the pain finally drafting out for a solution for it, it messed up the plan again. This show the government may not really be that interested in solving the crisis.

Now that the EU is angered and all aid cut, it’d be interesting to see how Greece can survive.

it is easier to cut the string if they could. then the wealthier EU member will not suffer… dont know what will happen now really… will have to wait for the G20 meeting…
reading about the meeting is sponsored by the bank and big corporations and the meeting place is locked down to only CEO of banks and governments of the world attending. just hope that, the actual intention is for the good of the people, not for the good of the corporations… not how the bank tells what the government should do… but who knows.

A great opportunity for developing countries to buy over the whole of indebted Greece.
China has that power . May be by 2012 we have NEW CHINA GREECE.

Was wondering…

If…Greece bankrupt…

  1. does it mean no more government?
  2. The money they use doesn’t had any value?

if the land is without government, can someone just buy the land and become king?

[quote=“voya”]A great opportunity for developing countries to buy over the whole of indebted Greece.
China has that power . May be by 2012 we have NEW CHINA GREECE.[/quote]


So there is a possibility to buy the country?

i dont think buying country is that simple :stuck_out_tongue: there are human rights and people’s referendum so… when a government collapse or bankrupt, there are still people in it that will make a choice. they wont just sell the whole country :stuck_out_tongue: other richer countries might come and make an agreement but we never know :?:
the last thing i will want to see is civil wars – the curse of a government failure.
what will happen when people are told they have no access to their savings, businesses go bankrupt, and people lost their job?? what happen when people become panic and desparate for food and shelter?
u know this is happening in Greece, and the whole world is watching.

You can’t buy a country and become king, but if you’re rich enough, you can buy most assets in the country and ‘rule from behind’.

Shall Greece goes bankrupt, most of the things in the country would be up for sale or privatize, in worst case, even the military is to be privatized.

A bankrupted nation would basically become a corporate state, if you are rich enough, if you can take the role of government and provide the necessities & infrastructure to the people, you rule.

Lol, and it is silly for China to buy Greece, the cradle for democracy. Beside, for what purpose you pump so much money to buy something half a world around? China is saving its money to buy Taiwan.

:stuck_out_tongue: china will not use money to buy taiwan, they will use weapon (only a joke)

china will help dem

Well, USA has already claimed to have ‘helped’ Iraq, Egypt and Libya by invading their countries. Maybe its time they invaded, i mean helped Greece too. I know its of a different context but who cares, they do what they like and the news backs them up anyways.

What is there to help? Iraq, Egypt and Libya got black gold. Greece got what? Aphrodites? or Zeus?

What is there to help? Iraq, Egypt and Libya got black gold. Greece got what? Aphrodites? or Zeus?[/quote]

Aphrodite would be nice, huhuhu

What is there to help? Iraq, Egypt and Libya got black gold. Greece got what? Aphrodites? or Zeus?[/quote]

Exactly, my dear. You caught my drift! :smiley: