All buy-or-sell topic goes into Classifieds subforum

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hai… im newbie here… ive recently post in the forum (yesterday) if im not mistaken, it shows i hv to wait for approval etc… but till now i didnt got any emails from the administrator… i try to click n view back the post but it shows ‘The requested topic does not exist’ does it mean, it still waiting for approval? if yes, when it is possible to get the approval email? or is it really mean ‘does not exist’? huhuhuh… if yes, why is the title link is still at my control panel?? and if yes, so i can proceed to redo again the post without wait any longer coz tot it still waiting for approval…

thanks :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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why my classifieds still not publish???

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please approved my post please??


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Thank Q

(lazycat29) #27

When will my post be approved? Been waiting for few days now ==

(kc2012) #28

I noticed posting ads doesn’t appear realtime

(kc2012) #29

Why i can’t use or reply to PM message ?

(kc2012) #30

how come i can’t use the PM function ?
Searching for hours and found no clue !
Admin/moderator can help ?

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Hello everyone!

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We are sorry if we have to take long time to approve the post as we are all working person so we have very little time to manage this. And just for your information,there is many post to be approved and this is not included those spam and hijack that we get everyday. Hope you guys can understand and give us some time :smiley:

As for the pm function and reply post,new member have to reach certain number of post to use this,this is to avoid spammers, dont worry,after that certain number of post,you can join us freely :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Let me ask one question, is it okay for me to sell stuff that I redeemed from the bank? Let’s say I redeemed a phone form the bank, then i sell it here at retail price, is that okay?

(tonyops) #35

yes, no problem

(lcthian82) #36

I see… Now only I know why I cant’t send pm or receive pm. Thanks.

(UK.Luxe) #37

Hi there, can a mod pls approve my post? Thanks

(UK.Luxe) #38

Hmm i just edited my topic… but seems like it disappear again
can the mod clarify with me… do i have to wait for the mod to approve the post every time i edit it?

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Hi i am new in this forum and this post is my first and i am a gold and silver trader and my company goldandsilveronline.

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thanks for the feedback