If you go to the link and scroll down on the right pane you will come across this strange message.

If you find the key, go to and enter it into the box.

It’s ur job to find out what this all means.

Lucky for us, the neowin community has already got the key.
The key is: wh0isl0ki
Enter it into the box to proceed to another puzzle.
This is where you come in…

no hints at all ?

update: the second key has been derived to be: 3scap3grav1ty
Another key that works is: iw4nttwinyou

something interesting happens when you go to

No, I mean, what are you supposed to be doing? All I get was a page that shows numbers and there’s no further interactivity

the page source of the main page has a comment that reads PIN = 5813 and the apparently the pin is 35813 (iw4nttwinyou)

The key wh0isl0ki was derived from a transposition cipher by shifting 1 key to the left on a standard keyboard…

the “escapegravity” one was calculated from a bunch of code that was found when someone decompiled the swf on one of the puzzles…thats all I’ve read so far…its interesting, eh?

its probably microsofts new marketing campaign for something to be revealed on the 8th January 2007…the timer counts down to that date at 6.30pm…its something during CES 2007 at Las Vegas…read the neowin thread to find out more…

Given no hints at all and what we’re supposed to be looking for or what to do, I have much better things unfortunately. Doesn’t pique my interest that much.

Probably MS Vista Puzzle Edition 2007. Where you have to unlock the Start button after going through a series of puzzles.

har har.

the puzzles unlock keys to the game (or url links)

somebody derived the word “biography” from the sudoku puzzle to reveal another link…