Airasia free ticket

wtf, i cant access the flight bookings now

promotion started today earlier morning 12.01am…habis liaw lo all ticket.

so fast??? cant access at all this morning…

tipu la that ticket thing. been trying almost 24hrs X 2 already. Cant get even 1 ticket. I’m fed up. My friends cant get them too. Anyone got even 1?

yday connection oso unable to login to the flight schedule. But i got mine tkt tis morning 7am… RM18 per pax (airport tax). not yet include the bag check in & bla…bla…bla…

my staff got two free ticket! damn lucky dude~

I got 2 free return tickets KL-Miri

i got all free tickets during 7am till 8am… i help my whole family booked miri kl and kl miri… i think the internet will only free during that one hour… next time can try to book during that hour… hope this help >.<

I got mine. MYY - USA…