Air asia increase 100% checked baggage charges

Cek tis website. Air asia is increasing the checked baggage charges 100%. … Itemid=113

oh no…

got english version?

go for MAS next time

That’s just justify their stand on “if you need this service then pay for it” principle. Might as long get yourself a good cabin luggage.

Next time, fly Malaysia Airlines. Free 20 kilo of allowance, free food again. Price not that too high from Air Asia.

well, not really thou…
last time got emergency, MAS dun have flexibility (flight hour). example, MAS got 2 flight, in the morning to KL. while Airasia got pagi petang siang malam.

but its good thou. you can compare both coz you got choices.

MAS now have 2 flights in the morning, and 2 flights on the evening. 0620, 1135, 1610 and 1835. All on good times I think.

Airasia times are also not bad. 1005, 2050 and 2140. That’s choices for us.

yea, its our own choice. they just put out their price and service, we choose which we want to use.