Aion? anyone?

has anyone tried out da new online game aion? free till lv 30…
it’s nice… quite similiar to lineage…

OO the global server up oledi arr? nice nice. ehhe From teh makers of L2 which is meant to be the predecessor of L2

yup… it’s in chinese but u can change the language to eng… ^^

what the website address

hmm… that’s not the global server, that’s a pvt server lah.

tat one teach you how to change it from chinese to eng… official server is

can play or not aion?

free till lvl 30?

which 1 is the official site?

installed but my lap always hang upon starting of the launcher?
any solution?

im running it on Dell XPS M1530 using windows vista

tried it when beta came out, but didnt really like it… :confused: the wings cool tho

playing ncsoft aion :smiley:

Looking Aion Online Review