Aikido in Miri

I was wondering is there any place in Miri that have Aikido classes??

Miri Tak ada…Brunei got la… plus why are u interested in Aikido?

Hmm, why? well, i am currently learn karate at my brown belt and going for my black belt early next year. So, i want to learn more martial arts style…planning to learn Aikido, Kendo, ninjutsu and and Jujitsu if possible…but i am more interested in Aikido and Kendo.

So, Anyone elsa heard about anywhere to learn Aikido or kendo or the other 2??

lol~ learn all u want…till u found out u got less time and more work…

i heard theres a plan to set up one… but i really dont know the details

jujitsu… who broke your heart so much you want to break all his joints?

I learned ninjutsu a lot! normally I attend the class every friday night… just click HERE if you want to learn with me :mrgreen:

Here’s a free judo lesson:

[quote=“The Extreme”]Here’s a free judo lesson:[/quote]

a demo la~~ during real tournament this kind of action is almost impossible :frowning:

no matter. its a skill.
if keno, sure out out for the count.

can learn nijutsu in miri?

another idiot asking for something in fantasy…

another idiot asking for something in fantasy…[/quote]

its a valid question thou…

yes he CAN learn it here…but it will pop another question “who & what association/club gonna conduct the class?”. hehehehehhehe

another idiot asking for something in fantasy…[/quote]

He probably wants to be like these guys:

ninjutsu…not many people know’s it…they don’t really set up lessons…

lol~what? if u learn it then everynight u use ur ninjutsu spy on girl bathing? cool man!

yeah, i heard about the Capoiera from my sensei. i didn’t learn ninjitsu, i want to learn it. hmm, where do they teach shorinji kempo here??

eh? you can go to GCM there. but you have to be a member 1st lah…

which one you mean? the capoiera or other martial art[/quote]

of course shorinji kempo.
if capoiera got class here, awal2 tell you guys ady.

yumeyabu mind if i ask are you mirian? or foreigner?