Ah Qua

Japan Ah Quah

Taiwan Ah Quah

Korean Ah Quah

Thailand Ah Quah

Singapore Ah Quah

…and where is China Ah Quah?

China Ah Quah

waseh~ shemale?? cute skirt…
dun wori cacatkia… u’re still the cutest onboard… but tarciturn pun cute :mrgreen:

Wow! Truly Amazing aren’t they? Well, except Ms China Int’l :slight_smile:

china got pretty ones actually… just find funny one to share…hehe


I knew it!


so jahat! put dat shemale pulak(if he knows cacatkia categorized him as ‘Ah Qua’, sure he will hug cacatkia :lol: )… at least put prettier shemale up there :mrgreen:

then i kena sodomise again lor…

Plastic surgery :mrgreen:

Nah! china aquah…


Well, China is famous for fake Rolex, fake iPhone and now fake olympic & fake girls! :mrgreen:

Btw, I thought Taiwan Ah Quah, Korean Ah Quah & Singapore Ah Quah are all the same person!
I got an email about “her”, I think her nickname is Poy, real name Treechada Marnyaporn from Thailand.
She won Miss Tiffany 2004 & Miss International Queen 2004. So correct me if I’m wrong. thx


Pening palak! when i see this

i dunno much bout aqua also… i copy from other forum to share anyway…hehe


i really applaud their effort in trimming their figure like that - which is a painstaking task to do.

not all female are able to do that. not even a model, maybe…

woah, sui cha bo droooooool


i really applaud their effort in trimming their figure like that - which is a painstaking task to do.

not all female are able to do that. not even a model, maybe…[/quote]

that true. They can beat Tyra Bank, Noami Campbell, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, and Amber Chia :mrgreen:

I honestly dont believe those other then the “china ahqua” is a aqua lar…

Some of them are actress isn’t it?

hahahah i dun mind to marry those aqua! except for the last one

too bad only the last one available wor…kimgo…haha

lol then nvm i stick to gal