After US downgrade, how about Southeast Asia credit ratings?

Most of us should already be familiar with the news on US credit downgrade, by which the US lost its AAA credit rating, that triggered the global stock market plunge.

But do you know the credit ratings for your own country? Or Southeast Asia as a whole?

The world has 3 major credit rating agencies:- Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), and Fitch. To be a truly AAA country, you have to secure AAA rating from all three. The USA has just lost its on S&P, which now give it AA+

There are only 13 AAA countries left in the world.

Throughout Asia, only ONE country is rated AAA by all 3 credit rating agencies, and that country is in Southeast Asia. Keep in mind that Japan lost its AAA rating in the late 1990s, and was further downgraded earlier this year.

Note: Some credit rating agencies do not rate countries that are deemed lacking an established or adequate financial infrastructure. Brunei, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar have the weakest financial establishments in Southeast Asia hence some of the time they are not rated.

1. Singapore
Fitch: AAA
Moodys: AAA

2. Malaysia
Fitch: A-
Moodys: A3 (A- equivalent)
S&P: A-

3. Thailand
Fitch: BBB
Moodys: Baa1 (BBB+ equivalent)

4. Indonesia
Fitch: BB+
Moodys: Ba1 (BB+ equivalent)
S&P: BB+

5. Philippines
Fitch: BB+
Moodys: Ba2 (BB equivalent)

6. Vietnam
Fitch: B+
Moodys: B1 (B+ equivalent)
S&P: BB-

7. Cambodia
Fitch: Unrated
Moodys: B2 (B equivalent)
S&P: B+

The rest are not rated by the three.

The remaining 13 AAA countries are:

Europe: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, France, UK
Oceania: Australia
North America: Canada
Asia: Singapore

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