Aerial Photography - Hidden treasures of Miri and around borneo


(ZoOL) #21

thanks for the link :wink:

(Danielle ) #22

Wow, these are all very nice photos. It really does make Miri look amazing. I think that this has to be some of the best photos of Miri that I’ve seen :slight_smile:

(allokitty) #23

Woah! long time no return to post some our our aerial stuff. I’m sharing my previous aerial adventure starting with this one with beautiful morning view at Kuala Baram sea and delta site.


(allokitty) #24

Let travel to Bekenu area.


(allokitty) #25

Where two continent divided, somewhere between Miri and other district.


(allokitty) #26

Photography time. :smiley:

(allokitty) #27

Some off-shore adventures.

(allokitty) #28

Some remote location…

(allokitty) #29

Lake in Miri…

(allokitty) #30

Good morning over the ocean…city from the horizon.