Aerial Photography - Hidden treasures of Miri and around borneo

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I’m saving these photos for keep sake and future references. Did go to your web site but got lost in the gallery searching for the overhead Miri views so taking the easy way by downloading these posted shots instead :smile:

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Thanks Jack, more to come as i’m also creating new home made aerial technology out of cheap parts such forest health sensors, flora and fauna aerial tracking and bunch of mapping stuff. Flying is getting into robotics.

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Oh, i got lots of clean over head view such as below. Sorry you got lost in there because most gallery of aerial photos are categories by which flying model/platform that took the shots, if you can take some free time you might spot some few interesting view such as huge wild fires, oil rigs, night visions, before~after land shots and many stuff with flight over many years of archives.

Good morning Miri in Big view:

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For those who are curious what kind of platform taking great shots then here they are, most of this flying models are custom home made build lightweight out of foam, smaller and safer and yet 5x cheaper and far more effective than professional drone. Hand build, custom programmed and very advanced despite being smallest UAV in the world right here in Miri. Convert junk RM400 toys into miracle flyer.

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Oh wow…that is some seriously nice quality picture.

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Oh wow! You built it by yourself! Thats amazing dude :open_mouth:

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You must have very keen eyesight (and young) to be able to maintain visual contact flying at that height to be able to exercise full control on your drone.

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Yup, made visual contact but very old. :slight_smile:

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Yup, you can also make one too super cheap using open source hardware they sell it in china. You can read my blog here ( also list/schematic of assembly i did for dozen of drone/UAV system i made. Each of them have hundreds hours of successful flight for many years. Much better than buying a complete set. Home made stuff rocks. So read all about it and start make your own flying model:

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Somewhere at the beach today:

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This must be the well known Tanjong Lobang with the actual Lobang shown beautifully in your photo. Never seen it from this perspective, wonder how many Mirians have actually ventured to the site accessible during low tide but you’ll get cut off if you hang around till the tide comes in (6 hour wait for the tide to recede before you can make it back to Taman Selera safely).

The Lobang in Tanjong Lobang
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i wanna built one myself but i literally had no idea how to do it.

Even not sure where to buy one…Ariel photography sure looks very sweet.

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thanks for the link :wink:

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Wow, these are all very nice photos. It really does make Miri look amazing. I think that this has to be some of the best photos of Miri that I’ve seen :slight_smile:

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Woah! long time no return to post some our our aerial stuff. I’m sharing my previous aerial adventure starting with this one with beautiful morning view at Kuala Baram sea and delta site.


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Let travel to Bekenu area.


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Where two continent divided, somewhere between Miri and other district.


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Photography time. :smiley:

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Some off-shore adventures.

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Some remote location…

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Lake in Miri…

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Good morning over the ocean…city from the horizon.

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