Advice needed - Amway's Rules & Regulations

I order something from one Amway’s distributor. In the end, I choose to cancel the order. The Amyway’s distributor told me that very bitty to cancel the order since it was under promotion & value for money.

In the end, I still choose to cancel the order. Then, the Amway’s distributor told me, If still insist to cancel the order. the Amway’s distributor wil charge me a cancellation fee.

Need advise MC which familiar on this Amway’s Rules & Regulations. Can one Amway’s distributor charge an client of cancellation fee if wishes to cancel order?

Are u online order or order at warehouse? If online order , it will cost u Rm25 for cancel the order…

Hi there!

It will not cost you if you want to cancel your ordering by distributor.
You can just contact me if you want to order any Amway’s products again.
0109618837. Celine here. I’m sure I will give you a service that satisfy you.


Ordered by amway distributor. Email to Amway, said will check. till now, already one month. nothing happen nor reply…

AMWAY very sure CRAP…!!!