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which shop at e-mart??? :>

It’s Sweetman right in front of emart supermarket’s cashier. Are you interested?

selling icecream also need to send resume? :shock:

What’s the salary? izzit work 9 hours just like other company? how many per hour?

part time ? how much per hour ?

Must pass SPM with Credit in English. :mrgreen:

is that true ? ahha

lol, the salary should be nice also :smiley:


ok, I used the wrong word. Should be “details” instead of CV.
made the correction.

Interested just email the add given.

is the vacancy still open?
would love to try it out… emailed u…

Vacancy available now!
Looking for full-time now.
Interested pls email.

APO…no coment huhuhuhuhuhu