Adam Khoo's I AM GIFTED Programme @ Live In Miri

The ‘I Am Gifted!’ (IAG) Programme was created by Adam Khoo who was inspired to share with students the winning attitudes and learning strategies he had used to transform himself from an underachieving teenager to among the top 1% of academic achievers in the National University of Singapore.

As one of the pioneers in the NUS Scholars Programme, Adam realized that being gifted was not just an inborn trait reserved for a privileged few. By studying the habits of ‘gifted students’, he discovered that every child had the potential to achieve extraordinary results with the right encouragement, stimulation and learning methods.

The IAG seed was planted when Adam, at the age of 16, started writing and distributing articles to his friends on memory-building techniques, self-motivation and speed-reading in a bid to help them improve their grades. His articles were even published in Teenage Magazine at that time. By the age of 23, he was already engaged by many top schools to prepare their students for the National Examinations. At 24, Adam made headlines when his first book ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!™’ topped the National Best Sellers list, beating international titles like ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

RSVP to 017 344 6088 / 016 885 2927

This sounds really positive , I’d love to hear about anyone’s experiences with this, …

perhaps someone knows someone who has been on it?