Active Topics Over-sized
Take a look at the length of the topic.

The long topic is making “Active Topics” so wide that it’s literally pushing the “Blogger’s Digest” off it’s edge.

Perhaps using the truncate function to limit the length of the topic text would help?

Sorry to add to your already very busy schedule, Jack. :?
Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the feedback. Noticed this happening before but never have any chance to go around fixing it. Will tweak the script a little later tonight. :smiley:

Simple CSS should fix the problem. Define a width, say both 50%, then set overflow:hidden.

The problem was with the data being entered using all uppercase and stretching out the allowable 60 character string space for the chosen font - that’s why the Bloggers Digest column was “squashed” to the side if you are using 1024 x 768 screen resolution and below. Anyway, I’ve come around to fix this by first cleaning up the topic title in the php script to convert all to lower case and then setting it use uppercase for the first letter of each word. Then maintain a maximum of 50 characters - anything more will be cut off and being appended with “…”. This only happens at the Active Topics section, and the reason for doing so is to put some control on this by preventing these titles from “shouting” at the mainpage & hope that it improves readability. Once click and view the topic itself, the original properties of the title will appear. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Great execution there. Jack are you a programmer? :smiley: Might need your help a bit for my own forum :wink:

If you need some pointers with regards to web programming, I’ll be able to share some of my knowledge with you. Drop a line over in the Computers, ICT & Gadgets forum and I’m sure apart from just me, there are lots more people whom are very willing to help out. :smiley:

Oh! One more, I think it’s better to have a “title” attribute for the links that shows full topic title. The link can be truncated for presentation purposes, but it’s a bad idea to not having a title attribute that shows the full title.

Ah, it’s fixed now.