Accord Went Through Wall

Straits Regency condo, Penang. Happen last Monday. Guess how thick the wall :smiley:

+Honda Accord

The Power of Honda~

emm…i wonder what if proton, hehe… :?

the wall using white brick?

really tough car … ahaha …

The power of Dreams…

the owner of the car just testing the car tough or not ? … tht why hit the wall ? … lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
really power of dream … ahaha

Nissan - Shift the Future
Toyota - Moving Forward
Honda - Power of “Concrete” not Dreams

mm ok… u can calculate the maximum force which the car can create… considering how fast it is travelling, the weight of car and so on… that wall is macam made out of cardboard!! :stuck_out_tongue: smash a wheelbarrow through probably will make the same damage :stuck_out_tongue:

wall - 0 km (stud)
car force - 50 km (force) estimated
= physic…

[quote=“MARINE SURVEYOR”]wall - 0 km (stud)
car force - 50 km (force) estimated
= physic…[/quote]

Not enough information to calculate eh…

not sure if the honda is powerful or the wall is weak…lol

japanese car break the wall, proton leh ? lets langgar to believe it~

Proton, Most probably driver is dead… :mrgreen:

Both Accord and Preve got 5 stars from ANCAP mmmm

Lucky owner not injured badly?

Pls noted it’s cement bricks, not the red bricks :lol: btw notice the rims stick to the wall there seems unbelievable :shock:

and i wonder what happen if the accord is not hit the wall but hit the column?

The pillar should be much more stronger @.@

Even Proton Preve front bonnet and engine destroy during impact test…

Walao eh! Heartbroken for the Accord.