I want to share to you the most Horrifying thing I had ever seen. Often you heard of Accidents cause by being drunk from boozing and it is mostly terrible. But this is even more terrible and if you like to see it please click the link below for the most devastating accident I had ever seen. (I dun even dare to post this out in the Forum’s).

some are still intact…FREE BOOZE ALL AROUND!!!

ps. nice way to promote ur blog…

actually i noticed something was amiss when you put this into the comics and jokes section

Last nite around 1230am, i had a self accident with my scoot. Road was too slippery i could not brake on time. Bruised on my elbow, thank god. No car was around when i fell down at that time.

So sayang !!! 8) 8) …

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! the HUMANITY!