Access Point for outdoor usage

Anyone know any computer shop that sells Wi-Fi access point that is weather proof?

I’ve seen one at Eastwood where the access point was placed in a casing meant to be used outside.

dunno whether can find in miri or not, but i saw it in wisma saberkas kuching yesterday. didnt manage to ask the price though.

maybe u can go to deconexxion office and ask them… :stuck_out_tongue:

do you guys know where we can access wi-fi for free other than san franc and coffee bean?

of course…anywhere in town as long as it’s near a tall building…just use the deconnexxion wifi…u check on your wifi list…then click connect…then u open any browser…they will automatic direct u to the deconnexxion website…if u not yet register it’s okey…u can just click register at the website and key in the particular they asked for…within few seconds after the registration, u can start log in using their service d FOC until further notice…