ACA serious in curbing corruption!

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A bribe no less, state ACA probes RM9 pay-off
KOTA BARU: The amount may be small but a bribe is still a bribe.

That was what Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) Deputy Director-General Datuk Zakaria Jaffar emphasised when he revealed that the lowest bribe amount the agency investigated in Kelantan was RM9, in 2004.

The measure of culpability is not in the amount … the amount may be small, but its still an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 … for giving a bribe, he told reporters here.

Earlier, he attended the handing over of duties by state ACA director Md Yusof Md Zain, who will assume the post of Johor ACA director, to Mohd Jaafar Hussin.

Zakaria said the highest bribe amount the agency investigated in Kelantan in the last five years was RM1,500.

He also said that during that period the Kelantan ACA received 1,931 tip-offs and investigation papers were opened on 218 cases.

A total of 60 people were arrested and charged with corruption in those five years. Bernama … sec=nation

Note the lowest amount and the highest amount investigated and also the Negeri :!: :!:

Hahaha… what a joke :lol:
It seems that Kelantan is a pretty “clean” state under PAS… RM9 - RM1,500.00 ONLY :!:
Or maybe the ACA in Kelantan only like to catch the “small fish” but not the “BIG FISH” :roll:

What about those on the top echelon of powers? are they sacred cows? or it is only the fry to be hooked on the anti graft campaign? :shock: :shock: incredible news for the rakyat.

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