A tarantula for apet

I have been thinking of getting a pet tarantula because I love spiders. I see that many people share my love for them.

I am so terrified that I would never be able to get one of those as a pet! Yes, it is good for some people, but I think that I will just stick with my dog for now! Haha.

I am not a fan of spiders but if I had to ever watch a spider, it would be one of these because you can keep them contained to a cage easily. That, and they are so fragile. If you do get one as a pet, be careful not to drop it! They break into pieces :frowning:


Okay this man is nuts… Good god!

Eeeeeel I’m not a fan for spiders, sorry.

No more videos please! Wow are they gross! I am scared on teeny tiny ones… Those are like monsters!