A sad story of the dog

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfXBOvtV … ure=colike

Japan to take care of a disabled 15-year-old owner of the auxiliary dog, the occasion is still in critical condition, the master mind, who are proficient in dog language, then translated it, had it knew not going to live, not to mention to the owner of Road, “I hope life is your partner, always at your side,” True Confessions, touching, touching.

“Gray Ritter” is Japan’s first aid dogs, often accompanied by Toshio Noguchi in the host side, but time flies, it had gone 17 years, equivalent to 100-year-old man, weak was lying on the mat screaming only (Figure). Noguchi think dog have anything to say, so the dog got to understand that language Hite translation.

Hite dog language translation, it is very worried about the original owner, “I’m sorry, my body was too weak, vision began to blur, we can only smell the smell of desperate strangers barking.”

Haight said: “Greg Patel know you like baseball, when I see your happy face is it the most fun thing, Gray Patel want to tell you, it will be your life partner, it will always be at your side.” .

Crazy video transmission on the Internet, many users say: “Really very touched!”