A pee-mate for women?

a friend of mine e-mailed me this…
(pls be open…don’t be “yelow-yellow”… :slight_smile: )


new innovation or what???


i just couldn’t imagine seeing a women do stuff like this… :mrgreen:
soooo uncomfortable…

so, ladies…what do you have to say… :mrgreen:

Lol… Maybe in few years time we’ll see this more…

stop being silly… it wouldnt work

can just stand and pee…no need to use dat…

no need to build toilet~ hahahaha :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

this one good for tomboy…

Am yet to see the sales promoter demo it… any roadshow for this??? should make a road show so people will know… how to make business like this if no road show and no demo… LOL!

video clip?xD
this thing recyclable or not?

This is serious ! Don’t waste ur money :stuck_out_tongue:

you want be my 1st customer? :mrgreen:

lols this product can use or not ~

cool… very practical for outdoor. no need to look high-and-low for (female) toilet. anyone here has start using it? is it already available here??

sfjong has a point XD for outdoor use lolol. if ur in a forest and schtuff. i think ud prefer to do it this way, rather than squatting down and leaving urself exposed to the organisms that live on the lower level of the forest. muhahahhaa.

still its funny though. XD

i don think it’ll work 100%, thigh might get dirty… XD

Can this “pee-mate” stuff be Reuse / Recycle or its can only use once…
Imagine that u use it on ur long long way trip although u only have one with u?! o.O!!!

dirty dirty ~~ :mrgreen: