A notice from Maybank

I received this email today, Not sure how true it is, Anyway it is good info.


            Subject: Fw: FROM MAY BANK


            ...If this should happen, beware.


            All Maybank Account Holders / Semua Pemegang Akaun Maybank

            Whoever has the Maybank account number with ATM card, please be careful when withdrawing money through ATM machine,
            Kepada semua pemegang akaun Maybank, disarankan berhati hati bila membuat pengeluaran wang menggunakan mesin ATM.

            1. For the first time when you enter the right pin number, a message 'invalid pin number' pops up.
            1. Bila anda menekan no. pin (6 digits), pemberitahuan 'nombor pin salah' terpapar di skrin.

            2. Then, when you enter your pin number for the second time, a message 'invalid pin number, please call this number 'xxx-xxxx' pops up.
            2. Bila menekan no. pin kali kedua, pemberitahuan 'nombor pin salah', sila hubungi nombor telefon 'xxx-xxxx' terpapar di skrin

            3.. If you call this number, you will lose all your money.
            3. Jika anda membuat panggilan, anda akan kehilangan semua wang anda.

            NOTE: If you encounter the above matter, please DO NOT call the number. One of my friends just lost RM70000 on last Sunday and Maybank checked his last transaction was on that day itself even though he did not withdraw any money. Please forward this to your friends.
            Nota: Jika anda menghadapi masalah diatas, and dinasihatkan untuk tidak membuat panggilan tersebut. Pernah berlaku dimana pelanggan tidak membuat pengeluaran tetapi kehilangan semua baki simpanan..Sila maklum kepada semua kenalan

            Best Regards,
            Normah Zakaria
            Credit Risk Management
            Level 29, East Wing
            Menara Maybank
            Kuala Lumpur

i got 20+ of this kind of ‘maybank’ email since Jan 2011…

dun believe all maybank email
valid email will be always in ur maybank2u inbox

i got this email everyday since the day i become an active member in mudah.my :roll:

Thank you very much, guys, It is my first time receiving such a mail and decided to put it up just in case it’s true.
Admin kindly delete this post

no need to delete it. keep it for community reference. :smiley:

that’s what we call SCAM…

Yea… That is scammer… But those mail is on junk already… They ask for update of ur account and there is a fake maybank2u link… Do not click on it…