A non degradable waste sown all over Miri

I’m sure many of you walking around even outside your house would seen this colourful string of plastic on the ground. You may not know what it is but every time after the MCC grass cutters left you will see some new ones again. It’s a waste from their grass cutter trimmer lines. They carry with them around their waist bunch of new ones but when they replace them they don’t keep the old ones and instead do the easier way by leaving them on the ground. I have complained to MCC twice but landed on deaf ears. Perhaps you all could help me make it louder to our MCC.

Indeed we are not an environmental conscious society. We do have good regulations but the enforcement of these regulations leaves a lot to be desired but our agencies would regularly (and proudly) announce new initiative or regulations to improve the old ones. Coming back to your dilemma, I would advise that you harbor no hope that MCC will act on your complaint. You will not suffer from disappointment. Miri is not exactly a clean city (used to be 15 years ago) and that just shows you what to expect. Just continue to pick up this waste when you see them and do your part for the environment. Everyone who read this can do the same. I will be on the lookout for these waste. Thanks for bringing it up.