A nice natural place in miri without mosquitoes

There a place in miri / near miri that’s nature and you can comfortably sit without worrying about mosquitoes or any kind of pest?

Cafe and Home…if you want natural place…even Tanjong Lobang has alot of mosquito…

This is Sarawak, i would suggest you go pharmacy buy Mosquito repellent…

Yes agree with the above post. Get the repellent and enjoy the beauty Sarawak/Miri has to offer you. You can’t escape them.
And don’t get irritated with the mosquito. They just want to give you love bites.

hopefully not dengue :slight_smile:

OK, simple answer – no.


go any shopping complexes in Miri.

sit on a bench stare at a flower pot.

thats the closest you can get to nature without mosquitoes.