A New Perspective on Chinese "Ghost Month" (Eng+Ch)

As perceive by many since many-many years ago within the chinese community especially of Buddhist religion that in the month of July of the Chinese Calander, burning of “paper money” will bring goodness and chase away any the bad. The story below tells us that this myth was told by a paper trader’s wife to increase the sales of her business.

Burning of paper money not only gives off toxic gases, purchasing it will only lead us to spend wastefully on paper “money” to be burnt in another form. Once a believer went to Dharma Master Cheng Yen and said “I have been told by fortune tellers that I am constantly sick and need to burn paper money to please the spirits so that my health has will improve”, “just before I came to see you I had burnt a lorry load of paper money worth $80,000”. Master ask him “After burning those money, how do you feel ?” He answered “after burning, I felt my face red & swollen, slept for 3 days and my health is still the same so that is why my friend had advise me to seek your advice”.

Master then told him about the story of the paper trader and that the burning is nothing more than just burning of paper which causes more harm to the environment.

Money used to purchase paper money can be channel to good use e.g. International Disaster Relief Funds. By donating to help disaster victims, one would create abundance of blessings not only for yourself but also for the victims. In exchange of “paper money”, you can use flowers and fruits to give blessings to the decease. This itself will be deem as the “renewed” believe of the month of July which is should be referred to as “Lucky Month” and not “Ghost month”.

July (chinese) is also the month for giving respect to our parents.






So Tzu Chi doesnt beleive in these thing???

any swt ghost stories to share ?!?

i agree with u…
i dont hate buddish but i hate when they burn jossticks and paper money…

[quote=“Ransu”]i agree with u…
i dont hate buddish but i hate when they burn jossticks and paper money…[/quote]

buddish don’t really do that, Taoist do that? or it’s just Chinese tradition, nothing to do with religion. Atheist Chinese do that.

Thank you all for your reply.

It’s a believe… it is believe to have originate from a story. As we know now carrying out these traditional believes has some implications on the environment because of burning and many does not know the true meaning of the day’s celebration. The objective of Tzu Chi Foundation is to clarify these believes. To turn these believes into blessful activities and at the same time retain its meaningful tradition. By substituting burning of joss sticks and ‘paper money’ with simplified ways, one can equally achieve the celebration of 15th July (chinese) and set this day as a day of gratitude.

Tzu Chi Foundation Miri will be having it’s second event of Blessing at Chung San Primary school, Riam this Sunday (6th, Sept / 8.30am-10am) morning. Everyone is invited. There are no religion restrictions, the event is meant for all. Notice the photo on the 1st post where Tzu Chi African volunteers are giving blessings. During the event, if there are any part which contradicts your believes, you are able to use your own ways to bless. The event will show you the simplified but gracious and grand blessing for this occasion. There will definitely be no burning.

By attending the event, you are able to witness a meaningful way of giving bless to the occasion. This day also is know as a day of respect for our parents as we do not often express it to them.

If you are curious, I invite you to just drop by and observe. There are no obligations and certainly it will be a meaningful event for you and our family.

Thank you.

and i wonder what j.f.kennedy, james bond, einsenhower, stalin, lydon johnson, harold wilson, etc have to do with chinese hell. moreover, marilyn monroe seductive pose makes the money totally ridiculous. maybe they enjoy that in hell? so ironic to put mao zedong (who stated that chinese traditional ideologies like confucianism & buddhism are poisoning them) and ho chi minh there too. russian president khruschev isnt spared either.

Ngai di lor…see today all the roadsides, full of that things. Some sort of “flag” and papers and also leftovers rubbish. Seriously damaged our Miri City cleanness… :evil: :evil: :evil:

Please stop burning hell money for the sake of saving earth and mankind…

i not happy what you all comment. even though buddihsm burn the paper money or josstick. that is buddihsm region and their trust.we all are malaysian, need to respect each other. not PIJAK EACH OTHER"S REGION!!! let me ask you… why muslim friend want puasa? why christian friend need christmas? good friday? why? because its their region and trust! and they trust their god. same goes with chinese, trust their god! and maybe just use the other way to pray and sembah their god…
markko234 ,if josstick not smell good, then DONT smell it. if you ask chinese not to do so, meaning you better ask your self not to sembah your moyang at kubur, its a same thing.

i don’t think he meant to defame other religion, he may be buddhist too.

i did ever suspect whether the burning of paper money is originally spread by some paper retailer. if u see, nowadays they also burn paper car, paper house, paper maid, paper hairdryer, paper shirt, paper pant, $10000000000000000 hell money, etc. soon these will again be passed down.

people tend to confuse buddhism with chinese folklore religion. buddha claims that all lives in the world is equal and asked that he should not be an object of worship. that is actually clearly mentioned in the original sutra. anyone can become buddha if they achieve nirvana. there are 14 questions which buddha remained silent when asked, these include whether a person still ‘exist’ after death and whether there is a god.

chinese folk religion include worship of ancestors, ancient heroes like guan yu or mythical figures like sun wukong. the specifications is not properly defined, and the latest person to be included in the worship list is mao zedong (in parts of china) a small amount also worship bruce lee in hope to be blessed with good kung-fu. there is god of chair, god of door, god of bed, god of kitchen, though one of the most worshiped is the god of money, cai shen. they also worship a woman who ‘fly’ to moon, but so far she hasn’t been found 40 yrs after humans stepped there. i think when they died, li ka shing would be worshiped as the new god of money, ma yun as god of internet, jackie chan as god for actors and stars

I totally agree with TS. Why do people buy hell money and burn their money?Is like smokers…they buy cigarettes and burn it and at the same time release CO2 to the atmosphere. Is a waste of money. You should find other alternatives eg. give food offering is good enuff. Please educate yourself before saying something here. Learn what is global warming. This is 21st century not zaman 19th century. No offence!

Greetings YS. First of all, thank you for your reply. And to clarify, I am indeed a buddhist and I am upholding the basic 5 commandments of a buddhist. There is a lot of difference between a buddhist and a believer. I am not condenming anyone here but merely want to clarify that the burning of paper money is not part of a buddhist practice and has been clarified by the many buddhist spiritual leaders.

mevotex, your explaination is very good and I urge those who want to know more please seek more info on it either via buddhist scriptures or the internet. No matter what religion we preach, we must truly understand the fundamental teachings of that religion and not be guided by traditional believes. If you are close to your religion, by all means seek the real truth. The basic perception that I want to share with you all here is to give great love to all beings, be it ourselves, friends, family or mother earth and the true meaning of 15th July (chinese). All religion teaches that (love) and of course we naturally respect each others religion within the realm of great love.

YS, if you have further info of this particular event (15th July), please share with us here. We are very much in the same region of seeking the truth.

Thank you.