A new opportunity to side-income business, Bitcons

Note:Sorry about the long introduction, if you already know about Bitcoins please jump to ‘In conclusion’ at the bottom for the business opportunity :smiley:

The world of finance and economics is pretty complicated as-is, and now theres digital money in the mix making it even worse. Bitcoin is everywhere in the news lately, from hacks to hearings and everything in between. But there are a lot of questions about Bitcoin starting with, what the heck is all this, anyway? And so, here is everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin, but didnt actually want to ask your tech-loving, early-adopter friend.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the worlds biggest cryptocurrency. It was introduced in 2009, and is the longest-standing, best-known, and most widely-traded cryptocurrency.
Generally, Bitcoin with a capital B means the software and the system; bitcoin with a lowercase b means the actual money.

A what?
A cryptocurrency is digital money. Its a virtual medium of exchange, not issued by, backed by, or tied to any particular nation or government.

Its the biggest but there are others?
Yup. The software that runs Bitcoin is open-source, and there are lots of other folks running with it, too. The Guardian covered nine of the biggest in late November. And of course, the internet being what it is, there are novelty versions, like the actually-popular dogecoin or the defunct Coinye West.

If its not issued by a government, where does it come from and who keeps track of it?
The acts of generating new bitcoins and of tracking Bitcoin transactions go hand in hand, and both are accomplished through a process known as mining. This is where it starts to get a little complicated.
Basically, mining occurs when a computer or a network of computers runs Bitcoin software. That software creates new entries in Bitcoins public record of transactions, called block chains. The math is complicated and hard to forge, so the block chain stays accurate. Because anyone can download and install the Bitcoin software for free, the payment processing and record-keeping for Bitcoin is done in a widely distributed way, rather than on one particular server.
When block chains are created, so are new bitcoins but theres a hard limit to how many will ever exist. The system was designed to create more bitcoins at first, then to dwindle exponentially over time. The first set of block chains each created 50 bitcoins. The next set each created 25 bitcoins, and so on. New block chains are created roughly every 10 minutes no matter what; when more computers are actively mining, the program theyre running gets harder (and therefore slower) to compensate. The bitcoin FAQ estimates that the final bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140, bringing the permanent circulation to just under 21 million. (Currently, there are roughly 12.4 million bitcoins in the world.)

How much is it worth?
As of this writing, 1 bitcoin = approximately USD $693. However, the bitcoin exchange rate is intentionally highly flexible.

What can you actually buy with bitcoins?
Swanky cocktails in Manhattan, a Tesla car, tickets and concessions for the Sacramento Kings, and anything you want from Overstock.com.
Also, stolen credit card numbers, drugs, guns, and pretty much anything else of questionable legality bought and sold online. Its great for money laundering too, according to the FBI.

How do you store and spend your bitcoins? Is there any actual physical money?
Even though there are a handful of bitcoin ATMs in the world, bitcoin is not a physical currency. Spending takes place from one users virtual wallet to another users virtual wallet, via an exchange of public and private security keys.
Physical bitcoins which can look like coins or bills, or can be any other item are storage devices for private keys. In one way, storing private keys in physical media is extremely secure; hackers cant access the box under your bed via a virtual back door. On the other hand, storing private keys in physical media is as insecure as keeping cash on hand; thieves can access the box under your bed via a literal back door. Or you could end up losing the external hard drive with your $5 million on it.

Is this risky? It sounds kind of risky.
There certainly is a lot of volatility in the bitcoin market. The exchange rate has shifted by over $90 this week alone.
The government backing a standard currency like, say, the US dollar works hard to keep its money stable. We have the Federal Reserve issuing monetary policy and acting as a central bank to keep the value of a dollar from flying up and down like the stock market does.
For the first three to four years of its life, bitcoin was actually fairly stable, as historical charts show. The price increased very gradually from roughly $0.05 per bitcoin to more like $5 per bitcoin, which is indeed a good rate of return for early investors. And that concept of investors is key. Bitcoin is a market full of speculators, and because its not tied to anyones monetary policy or oversight, its prone to boom and bust. Since the beginning of 2013, the value of bitcoin has jumped as high as $1116 and dropped to $539.

In conclusion, Bitcoins are a new virtual currency that if you get a hold of you are able to earn a heft side-income considering one bitcoin is worth arounf $693USD (today it is worth $576.99USD based on coinbase), you can obtain bitcoins a few ways, the first is by mining,but I won’t recommend this unless you have a lot of cash to burn. You need a really good computer to mine or else you’ll be wasting electricity and not get the amount of bitcoins on the time you’ve invested. The second way is by buying bitcoins through the stock market, this can be quite expensive too. Since one bitcoin costs around $576.99USD which is about RM1,905.69. A very big investment,if you ask me.The third way and the most easiest way is to surf sites that pays you bitcoins for watching ads and videos,one ad would cost around 0.00633mBTC, This way doesn’t earn much but you won’t have to risk a lot and in time you’ll be able to save enough to sell it for some hard earned cash.

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