A New Malaysian Government

Got this from the net and like to share it with all . We must think and decide before voting.

This article by By Dr. Azmi Sharom, a law lecturer, well educated, well read…a person who refuses to accept what is going on, who feels the injustice not only for the Malays as he too is a Malay but for all Malaysians … he is really a anak Malaysia…

" Do your duty, circulate to every names on your list to refresh their mind and understanding. We really, really need to ensure every body understands well understood the future of our country of ‘Malaysia’.
By Dr. Azmi Sharom.

A New Malaysian Government- win-win for all parties, including BN In full agreement with the rationale of Dr. Azmi Sharom. All Malaysians stand to gain for voting PR into Government, and BN has the badly needed chance to clean up itself while in the Opposition, and to prepare to take over if PR does not perform! It is a WIN-WIN for all parties!

Actually, we will vote PR becauseWe Still Love BN. After all it was started by great and honest leaders of the past. Its for the good of BN that we vote for PR and for better future for the people at the same time.

What happens, when PR become New Government:

We have a New Government with Less Experience in CORRUPTIONSand SCANDALS… and good for the people
We have a STRONG and RICH Opposition with 50 years Experiencein CORRUPTIONS and SCANDALS.
They know the ins and out of corruption and scandals, so they can better check the PR government…also good for people and for BN.
BN will do their BEST to EXPOSE those who are CORRUPT,because BN has 50 years of experience in CORRUPTIONS


a TWO party system is… BORN.
We vote for CHANGE…
because we LOVE… MALAYSIA.

“The world is a DANGEROUS place not because of people who do EVIL, but because of good people who look on andDO NOTHING ABOUT IT”
Albert Einstein.
All (including former) Malaysians must know - By Dr. Azmi Sharom

All Malaysians must know that,

Malaysia has never been an Islamic State as our Constitution is very specific on it.
It was the Mental Mamak(our equivalent to Singapore 's MM) who lied all the way when he declared Malaysia as an Islamic Country and, therefore, State, in 2001.
Lim Kit Siang immediately corrected him but he being the person he is, insisted that he was right.
Jokers like Ling Liong Sik, Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yaik, of course,
did not object and quietly agreed with him and so did the other BN leaders.
This mamak has damaged our country through and through.

MM also passed the Syariah Law in Selangor in 1995 with the help of MCA, MIC, and Gerakan.

Ask MCA, MIC and Gerakan why they support an Islamic State and passed laws to support it, and now complain that DAP is supporting an Islamic State, when DAP has never ever agreed to do so…

The evidence is beyond doubt, it is in the public domain, ask them,the shameless ones, do they have an answer?

Our constitution is the most altered, amended, and modified constitution in the whole wide world. We must never ever let UMNO get back their 2/3rds majority ever again. If they do, then our country will go to the dogs. UMNO will again start changing the constitution like there is no to-morrow.
It will be changed to suit UMNO, just like they changed the constitution/rules/laws to allow for merrymandering of the constituency, where a rural constituency with an electorate of5,000 voters is entitled to vote for one MP/DUN, whereasin urban localities, an electorate of 100,000 can only vote for one MP.

What sort of democracy do you call this?
Can someone out there enlighten me.
Whether you’re pro-BN or pro-opposition,please, do not, in your wildest dreams ever allow UMNO their 2/3rds majority.
Don’t ever let Malaysia go the way of Zimbabwe , Somalia, or Myanmar .

An interesting speech the CONSTITUTION: Dr. Azmi Sharom; an Assistant Professor of Law at UM

For people who think that only BN can govern properly. Think again.
Once BN gets back their2/3 in Parliament they will start amending the Constitution.
Then we won’t have the Constitution that protects ALL.
Educate yourself about what the supreme law of the land says.Then vote wisely.

Please spread this…make it one of the most viewed.
You will help educate people about our law.
We want PR
not because
We Love PR,
We just want a CHANGE !

http://ecofrenmalaysia.blog.com/2013/02 … overnment/

Interesting read, and I super agree on the 50 years of corruption and they can better regulate the PR.

never thought of it that way… sounds plausible…

Interesting too. We can see some of that already in Selangor and Penang.

I’ll bluntly say, I will definitely vote for change. Although our State Govt are still under BN, I’d want to see some changes in Federal.

for a brighter future for our children, you made a wise move…

Really nice opinion. This is the sort of sense I would like to hear, rather than the usual hullabaloo which blindly deitifying any party and won’t reason with oppo or neutrals. My vote goes to PR and this is another reason for it.

a TWO party system is… BORN.
We vote for CHANGE…
because we LOVE… MALAYSIA.
because we live in …MALAYSIA.
Because we need a clean…MALAYSIA.
because we are … ANAK MALAYSIA
/////This is what we are expecting. VOTE FOR CHANGE VOTE FOR OUR OWN FUTURE

Give PR a chance to lead country for 5 years. If they’re doing well, give them another 5 years. We have enough of those CORRUPTICIANS from Be eNd-UMNGOK.


I am hoping that all Taib $$ return to us!!! This will sure helps alot for all Sarawakian…

the title says ‘a new malaysian govt’. i would have been more happy if the title has been ‘a new malaysia’.

if ‘a new malaysian govt’ still retains the bumi non-bumi, muslim non-muslim divides then what the hell of any differences does it make?

for the non bumis it still boils down to the reality of choosing between a fat leech and a skinny leech.



which, will suck less of your blood? :lol: :lol: :lol: :shock:

a TWO party system is… BORN.
We vote for CHANGE…
because we LOVE… MALAYSIA.
because we live in …MALAYSIA.
Because we need a clean…MALAYSIA.
because we are … ANAK MALAYSIA
/////This is what we are expecting. VOTE FOR CHANGE VOTE FOR OUR OWN FUTURE

A Vote for BN is a vote for Naughty UMNO = Dishonest Taib. BN doesn’t deserve your vote.


nice article

a TWO party system is… BORN.
Do you share you personal wealth with others? No right? Get the idea?



It is nice to see and to know that all of us want changes in the government. I can see that thru the posting in MCnet . But majority of our people out there must know the reason why we want changes to the government. Make them understand and come voting time, they will vote for the right people .