91years:les Paul

Les Paul turned 91 years old this month, and if you don’t know who he is keep reading because its a name you should instantly recognize. But if you play the guitar, and you dont know of the many contributions Paul has made for music, then shame on you.

Not only is Paul one of the greatest jazz guitarist of all-time, but he is the guy that pioneered multi-track recording and introduced to the world that sweet sounding solid body guitar, the Gibson Les Paul. A model that can be said to be the only true rival of the Fender Stratocaster.

In the rock n roll world there are a host of loyal players that choose to play the Gibson Les Paul: Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Neil Young, Slash, Pete Townshend, Zakk Wylde, Joe Perry, the Edge among others.

Pauls guitars are built to last, and it is quite obvious by the way that he still commands the fretboard, that so is he. Not only does he exhibit the skill and dexterity of an accomplished musician half his age, but at 91 years old his mind is as sharp as the tip of a high E string.

Throughout his set, Paul moves from intricate chords to improvised jazz runs with ease. Watching him play, it is apparent that there is a definite connection between the music that he plays and his celebrated longevity.

The band that backs up Paul consists of Lou Pallo on guitar, Nicki Parrott on the upright bass and John Colianni at the piano. Les Paul and his Trio gives a solid performance, one that would have any musicians in the audience nodding their head with approval.

Its important to mention that not only does Paul play the guitar, but he is also a classic entertainer as well. He cracks jokes throughout his entire set, and sometimes his humor is directed at his talented and beautiful bass player, Nicki Parrott.

At one point during the show, after she did a solo performance of her song Big Instruments, Paul glanced at Nicki and said, I feel like a condemned building with a new flag pole on it.

And heres a little something that I bet you didnt know about Les Paul. Last year, he did something different, he recorded his first rock album with a host of famous friends. The record is titled, Les Paul & Friends: American Made World Played.

The album features Sting, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Buddy Guy, Joe Perry, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Sambora, Steve Miller, Peter Frampton among others, and it won Paul two Grammys for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for the song, Caravan and Best Rock Instrumental Performance for the song 69 Freedom Special.

That gives Paul a total of seven Grammys. I would be willing to bet some good money that none of the other artists that won Grammys in 2005 will be bringing home any awards in their 90’s. Any takers?

Unfortunately, Paul did not make it to the ceremony because he was in the hospital with double pneumonia, so his awards were presented to him at his birthday celebration at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York on June 12th.

The lovely and gorgeous, Fox 5 NY News Anchor Lucy Noland presented the awards to Paul. And not to miss a chance to get a laugh, while posing for pictures with his Grammys. Paul stuck up his middle finger and said, Heres one for the drivers in New Jersey.

Not only is Paul good humored, but he is also very generous with his stage. A host of talented musicians and entertainers were able to join him for a couple of songs. From a talented tap dancer, Andrew Nemr to a unique percussionist Badal Roy on the Indian drums to an impressive electric violinist Christian Howes, they were all welcome to showcase their talents, but the absolute standout of his special guests, was an amazing jazz guitarist from Sweden named Andreas Oberg.

Think Yngwie Malmsteen, but instead of sweeping arpeggios and neo-classical licks, Oberg rips the freteboard up with an array of soulful and energetic jazz solos. Even Paul was in awe of Obergs performance, That will learn you, he said with a smile.

I caught up with Paul backstage, and was able to speak with him briefly about still performing at 91 years old. It feels good to play.

When asked about the future of guitar and whether or not he had any more innovative ideas to offer, he said: I got all kind of things.

Being a guitarist myself, I was curious now, so I asked him to let me in on some of his secrets. He told me that his new projects were coming along great, but he said, Id rather not divulge any of that. Ill give it to the Gibson people.

Talk about loyalty. Alright then, how about the guitar in general? Its a proven item, Paul said. Its the number one instrument in the world.

I couldnt agree with him more, the guitar is as cool as it ever was, and we can all thank Paul for helping shape the industry that has held the electric guitar aloft for all these years.

Thanks for the Info Dude…I am fan of Guitars myself…still trying to get enough budget and maybe one day actually get one of the Legendary Gibson Les paul…i love it first time I saw it played in a Gun’s and Roses Clip ‘November Rain’ long Ago by Slash…I have a Mexico made Fender Strat, Ibanez Electro Acoustic…A Suzuki Double-String acoustic and a Epiphone Double String Electric Guitars…Still wonder when am I going to get The Gibson Les paul…saw it in Mahogany ones…cost RM 14 500…Hmmmppphh…

thats not as bad as me though… haha

my setup is:
Yamaha Pacifica+ZoomII multifx pedal

I’ll wait till im good enough then i’ll get me a les paul studio :wink: or if not… i wanna get one of those Ibanez Jems that Steve Vai uses… the one that features the floating bridge…

Oh Nice Seting Dude…ZoomII?? What amp are you using anyway?? I am using a Marshall DSL 401 replica(Still Not sure whether it is an Original)…I blown the Speaker once and fit in a Peavey 15inch just to make it worked now…and I am using a Yamaha Multi-effect Sound Pedal with Wah …and also a Turbo Distortion from Boss…I am kind of a Grunge Freak…and also loved Blues and Slow Rock…Now learning some Classical Guitar Licks…The Ibanez With floating Brifge also really cool…the one that Steve Vai use…U learning any steve Vai Lick’s lately??
I am sort of into heavy Lick’s now…Such as some old school guitarist …Eric Clapton, Diamond Darrel…and dowloaded some Jimmy Hendrix Sound To try to imitate…Well…Rock On Brother…

my amp is a peavey amp… forgotten wad model it is…

Currently… im learning the Blues scales… plus learning the Crying Machine and also Toccata and Fugue in Dm… using finger tapping… :slight_smile:

Me… im either uber mellow(blues and jazz) or Ultrahyper (instrumental metal… progressive metal… etc)

teehee…i wanan join the convo…i want a les paul tooo…but i want les paul studio…but thats expensive lol…im savin money to buy a new guitar…either a telecaster or a les paul standard hehe…but i think ill go witht the tele…i wan the vintage 52’ lol…its rm5k haha…cant buy sob…thats the american 1…mexican is half that price…but i dun wanna buy mexican fenders!lol…ill look for a nice tele or les paul heheh…if not…i stick to my stuff now til i have 5k=.=…
and my stuff is…
yamaha PAC311s and proud of it haha…lucky its not the 311ms or sumthin…thats like a telecaster remake…the 311s is different enuff not to be called a tele copy.
i use boss effects…i have,distortion,overdrive,super chorus,tremolo, and an acoustic simulator…i ahve 1 slot left in my pedal board hahhahaha…but i wana buy a compression sustainer and a blues driver…ill drop the tremolo.

i also like aaron type of music…but i also like different stuf.fnot sure what to label it as tho…i dont really label the music i hear ahha…if i say i dun like metal got oso nice ones kan…paham paham la…
aaron…beli jak bah the jem hehe…sumhow i dont see u with a les paul@@…ur more suitable with a strat shape guitar…know wat i mean?teehee…

haha yeah… tunggu ada duit first… beli jem…drool drool

jam ape?fruity jams?hehehehe

haha teruk u… maybe i do my custom jem… jem strawberry :stuck_out_tongue:

wat about other type of jam!y do u choose strawberry???racist~gg

haha teruk u :stuck_out_tongue: Jem model just like Steve vai one… but I want to get mine Red with bkacl racing stripe to one side… *(like car :stuck_out_tongue: )

lol… but the new Zoom pedal so coool…!

heh multi pedal ka…boo lol…gg

haha fine fine… when i get the money i buy individual pedals lor :stuck_out_tongue:

gg mahal o lol…go ahead hehe…if got diff can pinjam or trade gg

haha… not good enough of a guitarist yet… hehheh

buy accesories need to be keng meh=.= if like that i dun deserve my pedals@@

haha ure better than me so u deserve it lah… if u dont deserve it also u can always drop by my place and drop them off :twisted: :twisted:

hoho ill keep em then muahahaha

haha…too bad

I remember one time i trick someone by lowering the price for a Boss turbo Distortion for only Rm50 quite a brand new…he needed the cash badly to get weed so i sort of like use the hypnotizing with money thingy(take it or leave it)and he bought it…heehehh…been having it ever since and bought a Flanger to go with it to play some Nirvana songs…
Slowly one by one got more …and in the end…just settled with Yamaha Multi-effect with Wah Pedal…Thus ends the separate effects I have hidden in the storage room… :wink: Trying to save up money to get an Ovation Viper Eletro acoustic coz into slow moves now…