9 Things I Hate About Everyone

9 Things I Hate About Everyone

  1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time… I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

  2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the T.V. remote because they refuse to walk to the T.V. and change the channel manually.

  3. When people say “Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too”. Damn right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?

  4. When people say “it’s always the last place you look”. Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna kick their asses!

  5. When people say, while watching a film, “Did you see that?”. No, Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor.

  6. People who ask “Can I ask you a question?”… Didn’t really give me a choice there, did ya, Sunshine?

  7. When something is “new and improved!”…Which is it? If it’s new, then there has never been anything before it. If it’s an improvement, then there must have been something before it, so it couldn’t be new.

  8. When people say “life is short”. What the hell?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever experiences!! What can you do that’s longer?

  9. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks “Has the bus come yet?”. If the bus came would I be standing here, Dumb-ass?


I hate everyone equally.

Hate others just the way you hate thyself.

What have you done?
Shadow of pain flashes of hate
Paradise you have tasted, now it’s all wasted
Your heart is soured, your tears are of hatred
Your love is now burnt to ashes, oh I hate you to pieces.

:shock: …why everyone so serious? i thought this is kind of funny… :cry:

We’re just rolling with u QueBlur.

Ugh… chill out. Just keeping with the hatred mood. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just trying to keep with the Relevancy of this entry :slight_smile:

ok i wanted 2 say something… but i forgot… hmm…

There’s a double entendre to it, think it carefully what I mentioned. :slight_smile:

Heres one from me about hatred from Me…For all the above posting…

hhahaahahh hahhaah ahahhah ahahaha hahaha hahahaa hahaha hahaha hhahaha hahah ahaaha hhahah ahaahahha hahaha haahhah aaha hahaha hahahah… (until fell from Chair and sliding towards the toilet, just in case I crap out laughing). Honestly this thread is funny to me…

Ha ha ha Ha ha ha
Crap you let go
In the toilet you go
Sliding ever so freely
Through the cracks of your valley
Ha ha ha Ha ha ha

Clap3…nice poem Mad Paradox…ya tis thread indeed funny…hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

goodness me out of breath d

Bite me Mimi!! :wink: