7 or 8 year old boy walking alone on his OWN!

Dear All,

Just yesterday when i was on my way to work after lunch, i saw this young boy in his school uniform walking along Jalan Pujut 3B while pulling his bag (those with wheels) along with him. I think its a matter of concern as lots of children these days have gone missing. I’m not sure why he was on his own but it was very dangerous. Please, if you are a parent, please DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT let your kids walk home…note that this boy stays in Permyjaya and I think he is studying at the Primary School at Pujut Corner. Can you imagine how far that is? Poor Boy, don’t you think?

I wrote more on my blog about the whole story…feel free to read on it.


Not sure what’s wrong with the people in this world these days…I’m very sadden by this.

poor kid…yes i agree with you and u make a very important point there…we should spread this awareness around…ppl dun hav to wait for ONE kid to be lost (for watever reasons) to make them realise that they shouldn’t be doing that. This goes to all the young ladies walking back home alone too!!!

i got one time, (4get how many yrs old that time, but still small) from srk south walk back to krokop10… hehehe my mom 4get bring me back tat time… sienzzz